The secret agreement between the Moon and the Sun in the new lands of the north

The world expects us to be what is needed of us, only just rebellion will make us what we are and preserve our independence.

“You will have messages from the future but not the one you read in the segments of a fruit, that which is really what will come”

The Messenger

The priestess looked with care, her tools to discover what her body sensed, they were messages different from what she had received before, it was time to understand that sometimes there are stellar agreements that we do not know, that we can only feel and surprise ourselves and that mark the beginning of something completely new.

With agile manoeuvring, she threw her sticks for guess what they were saying, there was again the friendly feeling of Ometeotl, she understood the mystery of a commitment of those that are difficult to break because they do not come from the one who looks at you in the face, but from that, you still do not know and that may set the tone for your steps and your goals. 

She knew that her questions would be capable of total changes, those that her eyes would not see in the future that is projected in that being for the simple fact that you are the one who allows him to walk on your path and rule with the truth what he touches.

Away from all that concentration and ideals, with her heart in suspense, Painani continues on her way, her feet aching and her soul broken by the fear of what she has recently experienced, the sands gave way to the rocks that she had to avoid with careful steps, bandaging her feet. with the skin of the fish that served as food.

She observed the horizon that she left behind, the north that was not the same as her tutor was observing, but in the end, a place that was the navel that saw her birth and that she would never see again, she sighed with the fear of not understanding that her she was waiting and at the same time encouraged by the new dawns she sensed.

Nothing we know helps us understand what we do not know, but some beings cross the jungle with a different spirit and one of them was the man from the south:

He manages to create a favourable vision of his successes, none of them will give him certainty, his value judgments are no longer tied to those of a group, he travels alone with his resources and his decisions will speak for him, no one else will.

The condor observes the passage of the man from the south

The sky showed its implacable fury and was able to penetrate the fortress that a waterfall offered him, joyfully he received the most fascinating bath of the way and he meditated to himself:

For the man from the south to think how the group was almost always a burden, now in their moments of loneliness in that immense place, everything was different, to compete being the strongest, the best, the one who was right and the one who adhered to the decisions of the group, it was no longer necessary.

But this would not be forever, his times and schedules would be fragmented by what awaited him, his destination was not the hermitage, but a vast valley populated by others where his life would have meaning, but he still did not know it.

Compositions by the author with PicArt’s free filter
Reference of the fruit segments that is nothing other than the meridians of the earth.
Photograph “The condor observes the man from the south” by the author

Autor: Ariadne Gallardo Figueroa

Escribir es una de las actividades creativas más fascinantes que existe, indagar lo caminos de diferentes versiones, encontrar motivos para acrecentar el cauce de un relato y motivar a la lectura, es agradable para todo el que escribe


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