The two scenarios of the same event

Let your passion be the way to the truth, that desire to know and understand what others have not achieved. Freedom is more than that.

“Nothing is stronger than desire, where you have placed it you will be motivated to continue despite everything”

The Messenger

By Ariadne Gallardo Figueroa 

Very close to the celebrations of the New Fire, Erandi entered the temple of her deeper roots and beliefs to ask the lord of the smoking mirror what would have happened to the maidens who would dance announcing the good news to be finally sacrificed at the moment of breaking their ceremonial flute on the esplanade and exclaimed:

“Every destination has been marked, but only you know that there are two paths that do not always cross, it is not for all of them, tell me what only you can understand and visualize with profound clarity. ”

She observed the image of the temple, in that glossy obsidian representation, polished to allow to see the face of the priest or priestess that required an answer … With a steaming pot whose potion only they knew Erandi approached the oratory of Tezcatlipoca and waited patiently to hear or feel each of the phrases he had to say to her:

Tezcatlipoca saids to Erandi all that she needs to know

“Their lives will be offered to preserve the new fire, their hearts will be exposed with one blow and nothing will change, but if you have in mind what would have been, certainly their destiny would be the same; Death in mature time seems not to be in the destiny of many, it will not be the flint cut in their chests but a brutal force turned into fire, the outbreak of something that you do not know and that will change everything and forever. Be firm that what you know will help you for all eternity, for your race that knowledge will speak and you should never put it in the hands and minds of others that will use it against you. You are the world that covers two entities, always looking for your strength in duality ”

Erandi confirmed her suspicions again, the East had pointed out something overwhelming and stormy, her silver and obsidian hair swayed with the force of the wind as she left the room where adored to the most powerful of the Aztec Gods, recognized for being the giver of all riches and who with one blow withdraws them from those who possess them, is pointed out as the one who lives in Mictlán where death Is present but is something more than death is the deep secret of what not everyone can understand.

The most feared on the northern side of the wide Aztec universe, Tezcatlipoca (in Nahuatl: tezcatlipoca, ‘smoking black mirror’ ‘tezcatl, black; poctli, smoke’) is the Black Tezcatlipoca. Many know a different story where Quetzalcóatl had an evil twin, the god of darkness, called Tezcatlipoca. It is necessary to see with deep eyes when this idea arises and who spread it to understand the reality without nuances where the root of the truth is lost.

In Erandi’s mind was the certainty that the minds of the followers of her rituals and beliefs would be those who would understand what the very essence of power really meant that others would raze with thundering fire that would cause fear and death.

Every time we are more clear about the deep respect that the allies of Dean Pérez Riv had, aware of an ancient reality that the conquerors distorted, changed, and used for their own benefit.

There are paths that we do not understand without going to the source and to reach it, it is enough to enter the deepest magic of your deepest root and drink from its knowledge. Only in this way is it easy to understand that there are no coincidences and that the fabric that Ellinor and Zila managed to connect, has a deep understanding of more than just shared customs and beliefs.

Let us then remember the magic of those words that just by mentioning them you will remember who said them:

“He who can hear, let him listen and he who can see, let him learn to observe”

We can paraphrase their intention, despite this, it will be the same phrase the desire for continuity is an overwhelming power that does not serve the talents of the power when it is made to preserve tradition and its magic.

Then we will have to ask ourselves about the path we have to follow and the only one who will answer us will be the one that opens its door to the light, that which does not blind, allows us to understand the mysteries of the universe and feel our part of the humanity that respects and values ​​ life and the human mind.

Photo The powerful of Tezcatlipoca by Wikipedia

Autor: Ariadne Gallardo Figueroa

Escribir es una de las actividades creativas más fascinantes que existe, indagar lo caminos de diferentes versiones, encontrar motivos para acrecentar el cauce de un relato y motivar a la lectura, es agradable para todo el que escribe


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