Your inner voice must always speak to you face-to-face

Science always seeks to anticipate the facts, but before this existed there were already individuals capable of creating hypotheses and deciphering mysteries. Analyzing intuition, testing it, and considering its value has always been important.

“The riverbed flows in it, Sun and Moon illuminate the path where the deepest voice of your intuition feeds”

The Messenger

By Ariadne Gallardo Figueroa

Could it be possible that only with Dayami’s blood she create a fluid or enlightening connection for Erandi? Magic has resources that reason does not understand and along the way, Erandi herself witnessed that every Deity committed to that pact was not going to leave her without the information she needed.

Each amoxtli, would be preserved both in deer hides, as in paper made from vegetable fibers, the amatl, made with the fiber of the amacuahuitl or the maguey; but there was something else, his texts would be unique and he would not have the help of any temple scribe, the word should be kept secret until the moment that the certainty of his discoveries had to be revealed. It was for this reason that the first canvases were written on deerskin:

The inner voice dictated to her it was clearly, under the intuitive light of the Moon:

“All antecedent must be written on the skin of a being whose heart beats like that of the river goddess ”

Each dye had a ceremonial motif and was carefully chosen:

The tlille or dark color used to write was obtained from nacazcólotl, as well as from the smoke of the torches and was called tlilliócotl. The white color was extracted fromstone chimaltizcatl, or from earth kneaded like mud that acquires a white hue on fire. Fine blue or matlalli and light blue, called texotli, were made of blue flowers; the dark blue came from the xiuhquilitl flower. A fine yellow was named xochipali, it emerged from the flowers the same color; the light yellow zacatlaxcalli, “means, grass bread that is kneaded with yellow herbs, which are very thin; they are like thin tortillas, and they use them to dye or paint”

Red, one of the most important colors, was made in various shades and from various sources. The grana or nocheztli means prickly pear blood, “because in a certain genus of prickly pear worms are raised that are called cochineals, attached to the leaves, and those worms have a very red blood; this is the fine scarlet, tlapalnextli. The whitish red was called chíotl, made from ground flowers; if an ointment called axin was added, the color would become vermilion. From the mixtures of these basic colors arose yapolli (green), purple or tawny.

To better fix the colors, they used the juice of tzauhtli and chia oil. Rabbit hair of different thicknesses are used as brushes. In addition, there were plenty of utensils to draw them such as rubbers, sponges, scrapers, rulers, squares, blotters, inkwells, deposits to preserve pigments; which speaks to us of the degree of specialization in the exercise of pre-Hispanic writing.

The most important thing was to wait for the flow of the river to bring the energy that Dayami was currently holding to the sea; Erandi had learned something, it was to be patient and know how to listen to every detail and every moment available to understand the magic of an idea. Nature was arranged in such a way that its connections with the inner world would allow it to ignite the precise moment where inspiration is not false, it is not the product of its need to know what it is not possible to see.

Coyolxauhqui will change her shape but she will always say it in front of the Temple, and will never hide in her light the moment where the details are vital, it was for this reason that the priestess of the temple where Ometeotl resided, with all the writing instruments ready, spoke with her:

“ Lady who has managed to stop death to give us the necessary message at all times and in the face of any sinister, Coyolxauhqui giver of life and light who defended her vocation through intuition, let my ink follow the path of Dayami whose heartbeats in the song of the river, let Papalotl’s company be the skillful flight of his song that does not get lost in the uncertain and touches the tip of my ink to decipher mysteries. ”

Moon´s Temple dedicated to Coyolxauhqui

Nothing becomes magical and part of your voice and song if it has not been desired, Erandi’s words would have answers and each of them would form a path that for now only she and her intuition would know, not even the Tlatoani who dwelt in the temple and was the possessor of her soul and heart; the message would not be revealed, in this way, the pact would not be broken and each glyph arranged in the amoxtli would complete a revealing story, each pause in time would be for the priestess of the temple a described and valued journey.

Punctual to her appointment, the Moon would be part of a cycle where each prediction would be linked to something greater, that universe of subtle reciprocities would result in a certainty from which it would be impossible to escape. Something was evident and did not allow any discussion but to reach those conclusions we must wait and have as much or more patience as Erandi herself.

Science always seeks to anticipate the facts, but before this existed there were already individuals capable of creating hypotheses and deciphering mysteries. Analyzing intuition, testing it, and considering its value has always been important.

The word Amoxtli means text to write or has written

Photo:Piramid of the Moon dedicated to Coyolxauhqui site Tenochtitlan. Sofia Gómez Sánchez data collection

Autor: Ariadne Gallardo Figueroa

Escribir es una de las actividades creativas más fascinantes que existe, indagar lo caminos de diferentes versiones, encontrar motivos para acrecentar el cauce de un relato y motivar a la lectura, es agradable para todo el que escribe


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