Boulders for alchemy

We are as special as we can be, our qualities are sometimes unique and in others they are necessary to fulfill our work on this path where life does not end with death, life only ends with forgetting who we are and what we were for others.

“Every stone has the power to anchor thoughts and desires, never forget it”

The Messenger

By Ariadne Gallardo Figueroa

The constant passage of water in the river banks polishes them and rounds their surface, in the Papaloapan in those days its waters would be under the influence of the magic that Erandi disposed of in Dayami’s life force, the essence of who was a maiden and now by a special agreement with the universe, energy converted into a deity.

In various cultures of the world the power of stones to transmit and preserve thoughts and desires is recognized, this would be of great help to bring perception and sensations to Erandi; each resonance, an intuitive message in the mind of those who needed clarity on the journey.

Boulders for alchemy

The river rocks formed of silica with the iron of Dayami’s blood, were susceptible to creating magnetic fields in a subtly way, however for Erandi that was enough, the sensory capacity that sometimes allowed her to make astral travel to distant spaces, also enabled her to understand details that it would be easy for others to forget or not relate.

All energy is conspired to achieve magic and that was enough for Erandi’s brushes to dispose of glyphs on the tanned skin of the deer that would give her exact clues of what she needed to know.

The first sensations that came to her were of total fear, the uncertainty of being in a body that no longer existed, the feeling of extreme panic when her chest was opened in the ceremonial ritual, and the dispersion of her vital fluid down the steps of the temple; the deep weakness of getting lost in an abyss of extreme loneliness where it was impossible to ask for help or cry out for mercy.

Later a feeling of warmth overwhelmed her when she felt contained in the embrace of her protector, perceiving the cold in a place where there was an echo that was repeated, leaving traces of a distant voice whose phrases were deep but difficult to understand.

Later Erandi perceived Dayami’s feeling of vertigo and insecurity as she was thrown into the mighty place where the butterflies sing. She felt that each hit on the boulders enveloped her emitting a strange sound, we could identify it with something similar to the musical notes F, B but nobody knows.

From the uncertainty to the calm and from the total bewilderment to the magical charm of recognizing her task in that place, it was not an easy road but it would take the moment when her path to the mouth would take place and Erandi requested the support of the same deities who will accompany her with their energy to achieve it, that night she exclaimed:

Goddess of the river, Dayami, your potential has been channeled, do not fear; the energy you possess is my strength and each message will be protected, what you must tell me you will find on the way, many things will not make sense to you since your song will touch other forces, do not be confused, just go on, go on

Really in matters of energies, it is not easy to recognize if there was a way in which Dayami knew it if perhaps her task would inspire the hidden forces as well as all those that captured her essence. Life is that we mix with a world that we do not always understand, it could not be different for her, life is an instant and Dayami achieved that each of her qualities as perceived by someone who would reach out to her, it was a powerful Priestess who would seek the way to continue her path towards the light of every knowledge that had to be preserved and shared, Erandi the woman whose love of life and the value of freedom would drive her to move forward.

We are as special as we can be, our qualities are sometimes unique and in others they are necessary to fulfill our work on this path where life does not end with death, life only ends with forgetting who we are and what we were for others.

Author´s notes:

In regarding rocks notes: Chemical elements we could say it this way, iron is in family 8 in period 4 of the periodic table and for Silica atomic number 14 and located in group 14. For musical notes F, B for English, Fa, Si for Spanish.

Autor: Ariadne Gallardo Figueroa

Escribir es una de las actividades creativas más fascinantes que existe, indagar lo caminos de diferentes versiones, encontrar motivos para acrecentar el cauce de un relato y motivar a la lectura, es agradable para todo el que escribe


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