The pact with the lightning

That your best weapon is the reason to bend the desires is not valid at all times but in the end, it is what we learn, not all in the same way, and not all will can tell about it.

“You can love your creation to the degree of making a pact with those who oppose your purposes but you will always wonder if it was worth it, you will do that later; for now you will say: Of course it is worth it ”

The Messenger

By Ariadne Gallardo Figueroa

To honor his new name was something fun and fruitful for the man who was now called Hora, the valley offered him a great opportunity to dialogue with the sky and understand that the Moon that He knew was not the same, her face had changed, he felt it despite not bleeding like the women every 28 days, he realized that when the moon was full his desire to plant the fields was greater, to bury various seeds on the slopes and hope they pay off.

The last quarter, which for him resembled a woman lying down and smiling, was not the same from that point on the planet, he had to wait for the crescent moon to imagine that flirtatious lady who was smiling at him lying on her side.

However, the full moon arrived on time in both hemispheres and he felt in his body that tingling under its influence that intensified the desire to sing and reap the fruits that he had sown under the influence of the smiling lady.

The sap of its fruits was gestated in the new moon and with the full moon it was concentrated in its stems, it strengthened them so that the plant would pay honors to the Sun; The last quarter allowed the sap to circulate from the stems to the roots since the first quarter had allowed the sap to rise upwards, the leaves and stems had strength thanks to the phases of the moon and the man who measuring time without no doubt it was named Hora, satisfied his wishes in his dialogue with the coquetry of the Moon.

He knew with certainty that the moon was speaking to him and when its shape was similar to a bowl, it was the clear warning that showers or drizzles are expected; What he was not clearly aware of was the terrifying storms orchestrated by the lightning bolt and its destructive power.

That night the thunder leaned out loud in one of the corners of his field, it crackled in the middle of the flames and for Hora (Hour), it was like a pitiful and terrible cry from all his green children. Without thinking twice he went to meet the lightning  and shouted:

Let’s make a pact, you leave my sowing and I will honor you, leave my creations alone!

The pact that Hora (Hour)made with the lightning would change everything

At that moment, a flash of lightning struck the sky, and then everything was calm; The man returned to his small enclosure and offered his best fruit to the power of the lightning, that pact would give him a new way of preparing the earth and at the same time a mark of which he would not be aware until many years later, but it is still too much soon to talk about this.

Painani for her part was approaching a land of wise men who would change some of their concepts of the world and share ideas and stellar observations for a time, she was aware of her purpose in the world and was able to share with some of them her experience and her knowledge, both groups recognized that what for her was Tlaloc, for them it was Chaac deity  Mayan of rain, thunder, and cardinal points.

Painani took special care to observe a thunder that crossed from North to South, from the Mayan observatory the concept and scope of thunder was explained to her, for her that lightning frightened and astonished her without knowing the exact reasons for its power. Now we know that the lightning bolt was the one that made a deal with the man from the South.

Chaac, was a kind deity associated with creation and life, the one with the greatest popular descent, the people invoke him to obtain good harvests. Of course, they also sacrificed young people by throwing them into the cenotes. They say that anyone who managed to swim and save himself meant that he had acquired the power to master the secrets of the deity, it seems that to some he answered, and they considered it true.

The world invites us to recognize ourselves in it and be part of its wonderful wonders, some pacts are not necessary but that arise from the depths of our being, as humans we resist losing what we love, in the end, we realize that the Life flows in the same way that it dies.

For the Mayans, tragic moments of great droughts would come and many of them will have wondered if all those human sacrifices were in vain, something similar will happen with the man of the south, but it is not yet time to tell about it.

That your best weapon is the reason to bend the desires is not valid at all times but in the end, it is what we learn, not all in the same way, and not all will can tell about it.

Author´s notes:

Photographs: The pact with the lightning bolt and the fruits of the earth by the author
Photographs of the Yucatecan archaeological sites of:

Autor: Ariadne Gallardo Figueroa

Escribir es una de las actividades creativas más fascinantes que existe, indagar lo caminos de diferentes versiones, encontrar motivos para acrecentar el cauce de un relato y motivar a la lectura, es agradable para todo el que escribe


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