The emissary of thunder and the walker of the valley

The respectful friends will share their material and cultural wealth with you, they will learn from your way of being and will be surprised by your arguments, they will enrich your life.

“Nobody collapses to the point of being reduced to nothing, if you had the possibility of knowing it would be enough for you with a flash in the middle of the absolute darkness”

The Messenger

By Ariadne Gallardo Figueroa

A red light, distant, dim, gave to understand that it would be impossible to escape from something that was slowly approaching him and his dog called Duplo. The strange events that would be accompanied by that strange light would occur in a short time and he knew it and had to be prepared for whatever it was.

For now, Hora only carefully touched the muzzle of his dog and asked him to remain silent until he was certain that what was coming towards them would not cause them any harm.

It was a procession of various subjects who went down the slope and approached the valley sown and cared for by the man from the South; in the distance, he observed that one of them was amazed at the sight of that sheltered place full of food and natural beauty. They were accompanied by a mature male who was travelling in a chair carefully guarded by four robust and muscular young men, on his head he wore an ornament of colourful and well-ordered feathers.

Hora realized that it was time to emulate that man, it seemed that he was the patriarch of the group and with agility, he cut a piece of rope and tied it to his head, and in the absence of feathers, he placed corn leaves in his ornament. He smeared soft mud around his eyes and prepared to wait for the visitors to come to his door.

A man came forward protecting the figure of the patriarch began a series of eloquent words that Hora did not fully understand, who saw him from a distance, raised his arms and launched expressions of fascination directed at each of Hora’s green children.

Hora felt fear and mistrust thinking that strangers do not praise and bless strange lands unless they see a profit in them, benefits that can be granted to them and he imagines the malice in all that. He continued observing the men who approached, he sensed that they would be the envoys of a larger group since there were no children and no women among them; finally, they stood in front of his door and the one who sang praises to their territories left a bundle of red flowers on the door and waited.

Hora realized that he could not do otherwise, going out and observing their reactions was the right thing to do, he looked at Duplo, the dog opened his eyes and moaned when he discovered in that human the uncertainty and the drastic change of image that he had achieved.

Both approached the door and thanked the visitors’ gift with their bodies, the group was pleased and the muscular men left their heavy load for the man whom Hora described as patriarch to descend from his chair.

The man approached him and extended his hand in greeting and with a slow voice said:

-Man with a look like a sea that you have made of this land a paradise, we are nomads and we are going to the lands that you have abandoned, we want to know what caused it and if our trip is worth it.

Much more surprised the man of the south he recognized in the old man that he knew his language, he replied:

-No one can know if the destiny of the other is the best, I have not left there out of fear or suffering, I did it out of an inner need, I did not think to stop but the place and my exhausted body sought shelter. Now you have arrived at my door, I invite you to pass in the shadow of my humble enclosure but I would like to know your gentle patriarch name.

-Yes, I am the patriarch of the group, my name, the Inka, I travel with the strongest in search of protection from the winds and the meeting of sincere friends to achieve it, in this way our happiness will be total.

My translator and custodian called Sayri are the ones who praised his plantation and has given you fresh flowers. Now tell me who is your protector in the valley and what is your name.

-My protector is lightning, my name is Hora and that of my friend Duplo.

-We appreciate your sincere and warm hospitality, we ask you for a few days to recover us from the road and as Patriarch of the group, I will share with you the secrets of these territories and at the same time, I will ask you to show to us those dangers and the better paths for when we continue down the road.

-With pleasure – said with a frank smile Hora – it will be nice to be able to talk with you, talking with other humans is always welcome when the opportunity presents itself.

For Hora, the visit of that group that he had feared for the moment, became a compliment to his lonely soul, each of the topics, they addressed was accompanied by the light of the ray and also by the own experience that both had in their own lives.

They shared food and learned about their customs

They shared humitas with corn and learned words from Guaraní, Charrúa and Chanae also Quechua; the discovery of their ways of hunting and the name of some songs of birds. A fabulous and peaceful cultural encounter that enlightened and enriched the souls of these men at a time lost in history.

The respectful friends will share their material and cultural wealth with you, they will learn from your way of being and will be surprised by your arguments, they will enrich your life.

Author´s notes:

Inka means in Quechua Lord, chief or king
Sayri means in the same language, who always helps those who ask for it
Photograph of the author “Humitas con choclo” come kind of tamal

Autor: Ariadne Gallardo Figueroa

Escribir es una de las actividades creativas más fascinantes que existe, indagar lo caminos de diferentes versiones, encontrar motivos para acrecentar el cauce de un relato y motivar a la lectura, es agradable para todo el que escribe


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