Midway Reflections

Your life is your mind at the service of freedom, looking for creative outlets that not everyone will be able to understand, each analysis is a commitment and each discovery the clarity that your future deserves.

“If we were allowed to know what was going to happen, do you think that each one of those you  discover out would validate your premonition?”

The Messenger

By Ariadne Gallardo Figueroa

A good part of us who write fiction is fascinated by magic and thought where we can attribute to the hidden forces, the deities, or the forces of the universe certain powers to place ideas in our minds and suggest actions to follow.

Over time logical thinking arises and its ally is science, we can verify and attribute qualities to an argument and from there make it valid for the moments in life that lead us to something specific.

Many of us are fascinated to consider that in the remote past a series of actions were the conduit for deep analysis, the detonator of future scientists and that despite the complete ignorance of certain circumstances some doubted, who conceded their intuition an act of special courage to imagine what others did not feel or see.

The creative dissertation

Read between the lines and place arguments where not everything is one way and white and chiaroscuro could reach grey tones and in the middle of those concepts foresee that things can be one way and at the same time another.

Without a doubt, it is the most valid expression of duality, to look to the side and understand what can be seen from another perspective; There a problem arises precisely when the other cannot see your point of view when it is not possible because his mind got used to the fact that things are one way and cannot be another.

Then a group can tell you that they understand you, they will do it out of courtesy, they can tell you that they respect your points of view, but they will not be able to fully empathize with you, the time will come when their inherited beliefs will tell them that their place is not with you.

There will be another group that defines its position and rejects you from the outset knowing that it will not be possible to get along with you in the long run; their group will be their strength and solid construction where what does not correspond to their beliefs, definitely has no place.

That is the world of yesterday and now, ideologically we continue to kill ourselves for ideas, now with public policies in the past with the sword to enforce dogma.

Here it is good to remember what happened in the Aztec Empire on dates before the arrival of the invaders (say it like that way since their relations were not diplomatic between different peoples who, out of courtesy, respected their points of view, all of Europe had not been educated to That, its maximum value was to seize possessions and lands), in that sense when the Tenochcas decided to burn all the documents that recognized the history of the Otomi peoples, with the desire to erase them from the area and impose their rules and regulations, they also acted as Invaders, Teotihuacán and Tula are put before the cultures of other neighbouring towns by force.

This happens in the same way with the Tlaxcalans who in the end, together with the Otomi, both oppressed and subjugated by the Aztecs, decide to collaborate with the conquerors because of their hatred of Tenochca supremacy.

The set of events gave Erandi a clear panorama of the surrounding reality, he knew perfectly what would happen if he took sides, Huey Tlatoani Itzcóatl, like Motecuhzoma Ilhuicamina, who undertook a campaign to conquer them,  on various occasions. Thus, under the command of Axayácatl and Ahuízotl, the Otomí and Tlaxcalans were once again subjected to warmongering. The differences remained until the fall of the two settlements.

The conquests in the American Continent would extend in one way or another in the following decades, this territory is the one that occupies us in this part of the fictional history that I tell and which I dress with historical data. Therefore, Erandi with full use of his intuitive, deductive thinking and that particular way of making subdivisions to a problem and analyzing it from different edges to reorganize them in another way, looking for new approaches thinking otherwise, leads us to understand his creative imagination, What we know today as lateral thinking is what helps her decide what to do and what is necessary for the historical moments in which she lived.

Therefore I return to conclude this reflection on the initial question that the messenger has asked me: 

Do you think that each one of those you discover out would validate your premonition?

Taking into account historical reality, creative thinking capacities and her special power to understand reality, I believe that she will be followed by those who really value what she reasons and the arguments she gives to their close ones to proceed in the way in which she does and she´ll in the following months.

Each action carried out by Erandi will have a special objective, beyond being a priestess of a cult, she is a being that illuminates reason in her procedures, for that reason she carefully chooses her allies who until now have given way to her own investigations. and inquiries. Loyal and committed to their teachings, visualized beyond their own life as in the case of Dayami and beyond of all wild circumstances, as in the case of Painani.

Your life is your mind at the service of freedom, looking for creative outlets that not everyone will be able to understand, each analysis is a commitment and each discovery the clarity that your future deserves.

Author’s notes:

Photograph of the author with free PicsArt filter “The creative dissertation”

Information from the ethnohistorian Alonso Guerrero Galván, from the Directorate of Linguistics of the National Institute of Anthropology and History (INAH)

Fall of Tenochtitlan: what was the resentment of the Otomi with the Mexica who made them ally with Hernán Cortés – Infobae

Autor: Ariadne Gallardo Figueroa

Escribir es una de las actividades creativas más fascinantes que existe, indagar lo caminos de diferentes versiones, encontrar motivos para acrecentar el cauce de un relato y motivar a la lectura, es agradable para todo el que escribe


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