The man and the fish pond

When the presence of a wise man approaches you and tells you what he has lived, remember when you can be his reflection and especially pay attention to his advice, you never know when you will have to do your own practice of them.

“Analyzing others can take you through different scenarios, enrich your vision and sometimes try to value them in their proper measure, but never forget that each living being on the planet is its own universe that you can approach, not always identify ”

The Messenger

By Ariadne Gallardo Figueroa

The man of the valley in his afternoons after his long work tasks in his fields and groves continued to meditate on the men who had visited him, he analyzed details that had escaped him in the conduct of all of them.

He remembered the intoxicating way in which the man with eloquent words, looked at his fields, praising them in a captivating way, he meditated that if it had not been for that way that he managed to numb his senses, perhaps he would have wielded a rod to receive them aggressively, But it was not possible, that man with delicate hands and special disposition to say the words, distracted him and somehow paralyzed his instinct to protect his fields.

He remembered that each word of that character was very similar to the bubbles that some fish form in ponds that disappear when they rise to the surface; At no time did he get his hands dirty cultivating the land like the others did, he did not mobilize to attend to any activity, he was above all an observer of everyone else’s actions.

The men who carried the Patriarch in an ornate chair were strong and helped cut fruits to take them to the kitchen, then they accompanied others to replace what they had eaten by placing new shoots and seeds from the food they shared with him in furrows, they taught him their skills in the art of cooking and making tools and hats.

Hora looked appreciatively at Duplo and said:

<Dear friend, the man of eloquent words is a loyal servant of the Patriarch just like you, he does not manufacture anything, but he cares in his own way about what his master sustains, as well as you that man is a restrained guardian.

Now I wonder if perhaps you would follow me through valleys and mountains like that man or would you stay safe from a herd in your own lands; Maybe the day will come when we have to leave what we have built and flee to other places in the same way as those men, but I don’t know, friend, I don’t know if we will have new visitors and if everyone will be as friendly and hard-working as the previous ones. >

Duplo was watching him carefully, the man from the valley, thanks to Rayo, knew perfectly well that his dog understood each of the words he said, so Hora continued to comment on details of his observations to his guardian friend when he said:

<Duplo, something that I really liked about the talk with the Patriarch of the splendid plumage was when he related to me the passage of the man who had asked him for land and goods and angrily replied that he would never do that, he would never give his possessions to someone who simply He asks for it without having shown that he can work them.

Hora exclaimed:

It must be terrible for him to recognize that now those lands no longer belong to him and he does not know those who now inhabit them, perhaps they are people who do not cultivate the same.>

Hora got up from his room and looked suspiciously

From what the others said, they were men with different customs and unknown deities … Duplo, we must be alert and think about what we are going to do in case we have to flee!

He sat back sadly and said: 

Green children can feed anyone who wants to eat from them, regardless of their beliefs and their deities, it is food, it is life and every human deserves to be fed, every living being deserves life.

Green children can feed anyone who wants to eat from them

Suddenly he got up again enraged from his room and shouted:

What I am not going to allow is that they destroy my crops in my presence and want to impose their beliefs on me, that’s why Duplo tomorrow we will go through the mountainous edges and at the first warning of stranger walkers, we will flee forever from the valley!

Hearing those screams, Duplo raised his ears and ran out in a hurry.

Hora remembered again the words of that wise Patriarch when he told him:

“Boy, there are questions that people should not ask the way they do, they cause us anger and bewilderment. Do you know why it happens? Simply because we know the kind of question that matters and that they are not capable of asking ”

That night it was difficult for him to fall asleep and at dawn, he headed towards the mountains next to Duplo, his life would change forever but that’s still too early to tell.

When the presence of a wise man approaches you and tells you what he has lived, remember when you can be his reflection and especially pay attention to his advice, you never know when you will have to do your own practice of them.

Photo by the Author, with free filter by PicsArt: “The fruits of the land”

Autor: Ariadne Gallardo Figueroa

Escribir es una de las actividades creativas más fascinantes que existe, indagar lo caminos de diferentes versiones, encontrar motivos para acrecentar el cauce de un relato y motivar a la lectura, es agradable para todo el que escribe


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