The black moon and the crabs

Life always shows us a face and it is up to us to see it as something amazing or scary, between magic and the simple life of a human being, there is a narrow path that not everyone knows.

“Each symbolism that you have around you will give you the guideline to follow some path, it will depend on you to put in each one of them, lights or shadows and make them instruments of your discoveries”

The Messenger

By Ariadne Gallardo Figueroa

The man from the south woke up at midnight and realized that the lady who flattered him from heaven had gone into hiding, it was the first omen that it was not time to fall in love, but to put all his talents awaiting new beginnings, the moon did not he enthralled that night, nor did she give her brilliant luminosity to parts of her naked body, as she did on nights when she appeared completely radiant.

A bee landed on his torso and for Hora, without a doubt, that little insect was considered a special signal, the animal moved slowly and the farmer from the valley spoke to her:

<That’s right, ma’am, time for rough work has come, but I must continue to watch the mountain and wait a few days to return to the sowing, I know well that these fields have become a place of peace and tranquillity for her sisters and also for me.>

The bee buzzed absently and withdrew through the window of that hut of palms that did not have the gentleness of the moonlight at that time. In his restlessness, Hora did not wait long, as soon as dawn broke, he went with Duplo to watch over the mountain pass through which some stranger or several of them might cross; He did it in the same way, as he had been doing it several days ago, quietly and thoughtfully.

In another part of the Continent, a group of crabs surrounded the sleeping body of Painani at that time, the Nahuatl woman wondered what would happen in the hamlet of the nobles and in the peaceful precincts where people shared their bread and the fruits of their harvests; she tried to analyze why the Crab always carries his legacy and does not depend on anyone to protect him, if he leaves his home, as he grows he must change space but he always carries it with him.

Immediately and without much thought, she realized that she was very similar to the Crab, her home was herself, her livelihood was what she found along the way, meditating on this, gave her relief and serenity, somehow the crabs that surrounded her considered her one of them on that unknown beach and remembered the words of the Mayan sages who alerted him:

“These seas that you now travel are not the same ones you were in before.”

Then the most shocking vision that had ever been seen appeared and of which the skywatchers spoke with fear and great stealth, it was a matter that deserved all possible seriousness and that warned impressive changes in the lives of all who had the opportunity to look at it.

Painani perfectly understood the reasons for all the crabs surround her in that way, she knew that being without shelter in the presence of a comet her life was in danger and all of them had surrounded her to protect her. This did not cease to disturb her and understand that the life of the world she knew was in danger not only for her but also for many other inhabitants of the lands known and to be known.

The same event was seen by the man from the southern valleys, when he climbed from the mountainside to the top, the first thing he discovered with great amazement was a splendid formation with a fabulous tail; As we have already commented on, he was not a man of fateful beliefs, he was a practical being and he received with a smile the amazing celestial body that appeared before him and said to Duplo:

<Dear friend, that one up there is telling us where we should follow the path of our future life, the lightning has taken the trouble to put an arrow in front of our eyes, there is nothing more to say, in the days to come we will prepare everything and above all, we will be attentive to what the sky tells us while watching every detail from this mountain that gives us a privileged view to know if someone is stalking us>

Duplo raised his ears and looked at him with wide eyes as Hora caressed him and urged him to go down the slope again to return to their tasks.

Life always shows us a face and it is up to us to see it as something amazing or scary, between magic and the simple life of a human being, there is a narrow path that not everyone knows.

Author´s notes:

Photo by Alexsandro Rosa de Mello on

 Photograph of comet 15P / Finlay taken by photographer Randy Carter on 01/21/2015.

This post is written prior to the day that the Black Moon on July 10 at 1:16 UTC will take place and in the same way it will be celebrating its appearance with the constellation Cancer.

The comet that appears at the moment is Finlay, I do not know if the Comet that gave the fatal warning to the Aztecs of the arrival of the conquerors has been identified, but it is very opportune that Finlay is present in the skies now.

Autor: Ariadne Gallardo Figueroa

Escribir es una de las actividades creativas más fascinantes que existe, indagar lo caminos de diferentes versiones, encontrar motivos para acrecentar el cauce de un relato y motivar a la lectura, es agradable para todo el que escribe


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