The unbridled inspiration of an adventurer

If you have the universe in your hands, no material good of which you have been deprived can invalidate your joy in the face of the most immense happiness of your freedom.

“You can choose a path but if everyone who accompanies you leaves, your step becomes light and you decide what to do in each section of the adventure lived”

The Messenger

By Ariadne Gallardo Figueroa

It is easy to risk the void when others urge you to do so, the difficult thing is that all those who really accepted do it and leave everything for a dream; Something similar happened to the man we know today as Hora, his life turned upside down when fortune turned its back on him and he found himself in the middle of nowhere wanting to take flight.

Under these circumstances, he left his old sandals at the door, the message was clear to all who had named him otherwise and that they could only see a pair of old slippers with the dust of the place where he stopped belonging and where never again. I would step again.

Now we can observe the path that he travelled until the moment of the history that concerns us and in which we remain in anticipation of his adventures, especially after the warning of the Comet in which the man trusted and that made him change the course of his destination.

The Comet made him change his course. 

His first impulse had been to forget the coast that bathed known land and look for the one where another sea and different winds received him, but the Comet decided and Lightning determined.

That first night away from the space that he had carefully created, it was not entirely satisfactory, he missed the comforts to which he had become accustomed and in silence, he said to himself:

<Twice I have lost my fortune, both under different circumstances, the best of all is that none of them has defeated me, because I have learned that destiny is not to anchor, but to create a path>

Duplo snuggled up to him and with joy, the man said to him:

-Dear Duplo, today you hug me as one and only great friend, in the future you will leave me for the female who accepts you by her side!

Duplo only raised one ear and surrendered to deep sleep, the one that dogs have, where we can imagine what they dream of but in reality, we don’t know anything about them.

On the other hand, he dreamed, that kind of premonitory dreams of which many later learned, within the dream his life took an extraordinary turn, occupying a special place that he had never been told about or that he had imagined.

In the dream he was surrounded by children and they all listened carefully to his stories, with a stick on the sand he drew details of times he lived and others he was about to live; Hora thought about the same dream if he would become someone similar to a prophet, he felt in love with the idea since for him every prophet represented a sage and every time in history must to have several of them.

All interpretation of signs was due to the Ray with which he had made a pact, he could find clear signs where others would not see them. We do not know what more lightning would ask of him, but with it his life was different and his path was bright.

Hora looked again at the starry sky and wondered how many humans were seeing the same grouping of stars that he was looking at, that always pleases him, imagining the faces of other curious people trying to understand the twinkling brightness of some stars and their designs.

He looked for the moon that flirtatiously understood with his thoughts and that crescent quarter prepared to tell him a secret that would be revealed to him if he had the patience to wait, Hora only smiled at her between waking and sleeping, what she told him would always be welcome.

If you have the universe in your hands, no material good of which you have been deprived can invalidate your joy in the face of the most immense happiness of your freedom.

Autor: Ariadne Gallardo Figueroa

Escribir es una de las actividades creativas más fascinantes que existe, indagar lo caminos de diferentes versiones, encontrar motivos para acrecentar el cauce de un relato y motivar a la lectura, es agradable para todo el que escribe


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