The voices of the wind

“Preparing for the indecipherable is something that no one analyzes, life sustains us in certainties, we seek and treasure them; we avoid what we do not understand unless it is confronted us ”

The Messenger

By Ariadne Gallardo Figueroa

Many of us have wondered if the root of Zila had any special privilege to be noticed with the ritual of the conch, however, the men who accompanied it had an identity and they were united to the whole environment that that occasion was celebrated, in this way let us remember that moment in which the ascended beings gather in the special enclosure of Dean Pérez Riv.

There were ancestors from Bulgaria, Holland, Turkey, Catalonia, Arabia, Estonia, and Italy; Finland and Spain know well that they are already part of that intricate root of events and the DNA of the world that had not crossed into the American continent without intending to and without realizing it, they would form a magic circle with the universe in their conversations and actions in front of the Temple of Rocks in the middle of nowhere, that construction that some of them pointed out as the one that saved them from the hangover and the crude abstinence from alcohol.

When the universe makes plans, it summons forces that do not stop at the present moment, they pierce like an arrow the beat of time and space that governs us and can be recognized at certain moments by beings who have summoned the force of profound and millenary magic. in a strategic site.

Branches that face the sky always do so for a reason

It was in this way that the eight castaways began to hear the beating of the sea in their entrails and their breath, messages were delivered through the wind and they shared them with the dignity of those who receive a precious treasure.

Suddenly each one knew that their task was similar to that declared by Javier when he threw the conch back into the sea, that their lives were intertwined with a purpose greater than their own strength and that the blood they saved by rescuing one of them they will forever blend between them and their desire to build something that would somehow go further than any age known to them.

At that time Evaristo, who was preparing herbs and stews to medicate his friends, understood that there was an invisible thread between their lives and that even beyond what would unite them in life, in soul it would prevail.

Javier looked at him with that way of seeing his friend who without saying a word takes you for granted that you recognize him and that beyond all else, they would know what to do when necessary and the sea would always be a witness to his great discoveries.

That night each of the men would hear words that belonged to their ancestors and we have to remember the phrase: 

«There will be the passage to those who were and will be»

The indicated path has a streak to be discovered in the soul of each one of them, the first They were not clear about the whole process they had to go through, but they did not give up their search and their intricate code of unity.

Each one of them with his own belief, with his vision set on not mixing and achieving from his essence to nourish the soul of vital consciousness, the spirit will prevail and the road was ready to start the impressive journey.

Many rocks would come later, beyond the one that they will remember uniquely since that rock temple in the sea would be the Greek letter, Eta, implying two columns with a crossed beam that represents the connection; It would also be the German representation of Hagalaz, hail ball, the Norse hagall and even the Swedish, to represent what is cold as ice, but which in magical terms would remind them of the white poplar of the deceased, pointing out that death is not the end.

Of course, Hora was involved in those designs, still not feeling the strength of the others, he would summon great prophecies and one of them was to know the moment to prepare, the moment when everything will disappear for the human and will be eternal for the spirit. But it is still too early to understand.

Each stroke that you make on your way allows you to be what your ancestors have dictated and their forms and dictates will nourish your steps, even without wanting to.

Author´s notes:

Photo by the author: «Each branch is nourished by history» with free filter from PicsArt

Find the post: Look for the post about ascended beings and the answer is in the air in this blog.

Cited in Pablo Runa’s book: The White Goddess” op. cit. page: 243

Por Ariadne Gallardo Figueroa

Escribir es una de las actividades creativas más fascinantes que existe, indagar lo caminos de diferentes versiones, encontrar motivos para acrecentar el cauce de un relato y motivar a la lectura, es agradable para todo el que escribe

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