The electrifying universe of Hora and their followers

If we talk about discoverers and discoveries, we could go down the paths that history does not show us in its books and discover that intelligence is a gift of every human being and his eagerness to know a privilege that will take him very far, as far as he proposes it.

“There are paths that you choose as your great passions, over time they become your reason for being and with them you spread the magic of what has been discovered to others, those who are equally involved in your energy and powerful force, you will call to them the followers”

The Messenger

By Ariadne Gallardo Figueroa

That heterogeneous group of 17 was convinced by Hora’s unspoken words, they asked him how it was possible that he carried a saucepan tied to his belt and they wanted to know the materials of which they were composed since they only used clay to cook their food. or they roasted them with a branch directly over the fire.

Here begins one of the most exciting passages for the man of the South that he found in his disciples attentive to skilled followers willing to listen to him in the midst of his limitations when he told them:

The rain falls in the jungle, much and violent flow in a short time. The water begins, to make its way through the land and choose the softer parts, it finds greater resistance in the firmer areas. It takes in its path, what was not well anchored, what is not capable of withstanding such devastating force.

Why, when water hits surface that yield, does it drag them while others divert the flow? This is explained by a principle of forces that meet and describes something called: ACTION AND REACTION.

With the body he indicated each of these processes and the group exclaimed with admiration what the man said, which ignited their passionate inclination to continue explaining more or less something that we can describe in this way:

Now, instead of imagining water running in a horizontal plane, we see it running on the ground, let’s observe that this plane has three dimensions, the horizontal, the plane that we see in the background of the image and also the vertical plane.

To explain this, the man threw himself on the ground and then looked, joining his hand as if it were a small hole and then ran through the space of his class, implying the flow of the river. Then he continued his powerful explanation:

That means that erosion will leave a trace, where future water currents will want to slide.

Then Hora asked the group with gestures: 

Have you seen the eddies that are made in some formations in the rivers?

The men, women and children all in unison shook their heads saying no, to which hour later Duplo’s triple bark continued his talk:

Well, here, there is the encounter of two forces that go in the opposite direction:

There is a force of the water that by the fall, pushes down and submerges towards the centre that is full of another group of force that we do not see and is called air which offers resistance, then it seeks its exit by entering the place where the water is but not in a straight line, but with the intelligence of a snake, it circulates in two directions.

The air, which is a fluid less dense and lighter than water, when trying to escape from that space or hole, to allow the passage of water, does so in the opposite direction of circulating, forming between the two different forces, which form a circulatory system, one that goes down and one that goes up. 

Between the air that escapes and the water that enters the hole, a pair of ringlets of opposite directions are formed, the water turning from the outside to the inside as the hole gets smaller will transport it through a reduced space. While the air, pulling from the inside out, expands, moving back and forth.

The ear can feel the sound of the flame burning, the eye can feel the hot flame close to it, we feel all the storms in the body, the rays of light filter through the clouds, taking whimsical shapes that seek the way to break through, luminous and detonating

When they give their lash, they leave their mark for an instant, a broken line, a glow where the charges are the impulse, there is a magic that must be called in some way that kind of magic runs through every living body and can make it special. All of them generate serious but very intense sounds of thunder, where it is clear that there is heat and there is a way to use it to make utensils to store and heat food.

No one takes for granted or recorded in written papers that we could have discovered the first charrúa electrician in history, but with a little imagination we noticed that the signs of a good man with unique abilities were about to form a school and serve different communities in the history of humanity, amid stumbling blocks and portentous accidents, his life was given entirely to the marvellous pact he made with lightning.

If we talk about discoverers and discoveries, we could go down the paths that history does not show us in its books and discover that intelligence is a gift of every human being and his eagerness to know a privilege that will take him very far, as far as he proposes it.

Author´s notes:

Stock photos of the electric force of the river

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Autor: Ariadne Gallardo Figueroa

Escribir es una de las actividades creativas más fascinantes que existe, indagar lo caminos de diferentes versiones, encontrar motivos para acrecentar el cauce de un relato y motivar a la lectura, es agradable para todo el que escribe


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