The ghost that brought the wind

«Someone will alight on the soul of the wind and bring you messages that will make you think about the complexity of life and its forms of coexistence»

The Messenger

By Ariadne Gallardo Figueroa

Far away from the coast, the 8 castaways began to face the inclement weather of the climate and the mosquitos, they found a guava tree and Evaristo who was aware of its qualities catch some with fruits and leaves to take them with him, macerated and boiled were a great remedy and the other 7 discovered its benefits and relief against mosquito bites and at the same time, the shredded leaves relieved his grief and stomach gas.

Zila told the group:

-We can already know which of us is the one who farts the loudest, those grass does a good job friend Evaristo, I am very grateful.

They all laughed and Santiago between laughter pointed out:

-If we had had this concoction on the boats, something else would have been, even the bad character of the crew would have changed, let’s help by collect leaves from that tree together, that we need it in the rest of the route.

Each one gathered leaves from the tree and Zila told them:

-We must thank the tree for its kindness, each in its way, but it is something we must do so that its spirit accompanies us.

In this way, the 4 Catholic men crossed themselves before the kind and healing tree and offered a prayer and the others did the same in their native languages ​​and with the gestures that they had been taught.

The wind played among the branches of the guava tree and in this way they understood that its lullaby´s song and its song among birds and whispers of branches would give them peace and some relief, the oldest say that this tree to date is still alive and surrounded by others. that grew thanks to the seeds that men left in the ground that special occasion, But as you already know in this story few things can be considered true. Unless you’ve been there as the messenger we now know more about.

Night came and together they gathered around a campfire again to tell stories that belonged to the experiences they had had and some details that could put their imagination to make the night fun.

This time it was Santiago’s turn to tell his story to which I title:

The apparition that brought the wind and the story kept them awake and attentive to every detail that the man told them:

Well I’ll tell you that I was in a region, of which I never I knew the name, just I stayed a few hours in that place, the wind was very strong and it penetrated the bones, so I went to a place to drink hot wine, in the distance the thunder was heard and the others asked me what kind of winds had carried me to them.

At that time I had escaped from a dungeon, for fighting with a sword with another ruffian, all for a woman who was beautiful and flirtatious, my life was hanging by a thread, I had no way to defend myself and I could not leave. Surely I would go to the gallows with all my misery, but something surprising happened: at midnight the woman I loved arrived with a powder wrap and said to me behind bars:

-Santiago, you are a good and sincere man. Now, I bring you your freedom, just put this powder on the padlock and light the wick, a horse awaits you out there, run away as far as you can and remember forever my fiery kisses that were truly sincere.

Santiago, thoughtful and with a melancholic gaze, related that unfortunate moment to the men in the tavern in the same way that he now did with those who listened to him around the bonfire.

Then, emulating his companion Evaristo, he threw some earth on the fire to cause the sizzle and continued with the story:

-Every man I told him in that tavern my story stay attention and  interested and one of them approached me raising his index finger and said with great seriousness:

-Santiago, that woman must have loved you to risk and lose the horse of we do not know who, I doubt that she has owned any.

Santiago got up with evident surprise, and  warned his companions:

-Something magical happened when I got to that town and that tavern; I tied the tree that was closest to the horse that diligently and quickly had led me to that place, but the wind was strong and did not stop and between the branches I heard a hiss, I ignored it, I just continued to the place where I was going to shelter.

Suddenly the horse made its way through the men and somehow urged me to mount it to continue on its way.

The men of the tavern looked at me surprised since they all saw when I tied him to the tree myself; The one who had pointed his finger at me pointed out seriously:

«Friend, you must leave, that woman’s soul is in the horse and she knows where you will be free and she knows is not among us, walk.»

Santiago continued recounting:

-The other men gave me some loaves and some wine in a saddlebag and from afar they said goodbye to me like someone who had seen a ghost brought by the wind.

The horse left me on the coast and headed back, I suppose to return the soul to that passionate woman who saved my life.

All those gathered at the bonfire were surprised by the story and convinced that the fall in love soul can perform miracles and change our lives forever.

Some stories are told between friends and others only you can tell the beings you love, however they are an experience that you must believe as you have been told to them.

Author´s notes:

Photo of the author: «The branches of the guayabo»

Photo by Rajesh S Balouria on

Por Ariadne Gallardo Figueroa

Escribir es una de las actividades creativas más fascinantes que existe, indagar lo caminos de diferentes versiones, encontrar motivos para acrecentar el cauce de un relato y motivar a la lectura, es agradable para todo el que escribe

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