Your words will be your shield and emblem

“Your beliefs can generate a bond with those who believe the same as you and a barrier with those who do not think the same; It will depend to a great extent on what unites you to the others that you manage to respect them as equals ”

The Messenger

By Ariadne Gallardo Figueroa

Timothy was one of the believers of the group of 8 castaways, his name of Greek origin, Τιμόθεος,» timáo-theós «, whose meaning it is «He who feels love or adoration of God».It gave him a certain air of mysticism in everything he did and said, in truth, he was a man of few words and when he spoke, he took great care that each one of them had a special forcefulness, he knew that it was one of the ways how he would be remembered and each phrase would be his shield and emblem.

When they told him that the next night it was up to him to tell a story of those that are fabulous, Timoteo shrugged because he thought that what he had to tell them would not be as funny as what the others had said, so he took easy, they still had a long way to go and he knew perfectly well that nothing that happened was going to be so fascinating as to awaken his imagination and be able to keep his companions attentive with a talk of adventures or fiery passions. There were still many hours before the campfire was lit again with the 8 around.

The road was not easy, they had to cross a ravine and the river was rough since they had faced the floods due to the rainy season, the croaking of frogs was spectacular, possibly none of them had heard that fascinating sound in years.

Timoteo was happy, with so much wet wood he would possibly escape having to tell the group a story that night, but Evaristo, who had special talents with a little work, ended up making the wood sizzle and finally got a fire that could keep them warm and passing through it was useful to dry their clothes.

Evaristo prepared a bonfire surrounded by stones

A bonfire surrounded by stones at the bottom of a low area between the hills, he gave them fire for dinner, hot stones to leave the clothes and wait for it to dry and above all the best setting to encourage the story of Timoteo.

The attractive man with the elusive gaze cleared his throat and put his hand to his red hair, ruffled by the rain of the days crossing those hills and at that moment he understood that there would be no saint to whom to pray to avoid the story.

Then he pointed to the damp earth and drew a small circle, all the others were expectant of what he had to say to them, after a while. he pointed out:

-There was a time that among the men of God it was necessary to believe in their miracles, people had become suspicious, since the monks had dedicated themselves to re-writing the sacred scriptures and what they had told you was not the same as what was left in the books with words that not everyone could read.

Then an old man of the town who asked for coins or food to live at the door of a temple used to say to everyone who came to help him with whatever they had in hand:

<Humans,  thanks that your faith is returned in miracles>

People do not understand how this would be possible, because it had been a long time since they had seen miracles happen. One day the good man fell ill and most of the people who gave him something to eat or coins to buy bread asked each other what had happened to him. Many of them were believers and some were not, but they had grown fond of the man who had faith that miracles were true.

That day the parish priest of the town rang the bells and then went out to the atrium and told those who were advancing towards the church, better get out of here, the good man who stays at the door of the church has not come, let’s give him the mass Today in the hut where he lives, and everyone who was on the way to the church was told to turn back and accompany them since the parish priest decided that that day the mass would be given in the humble hut of the old man.

When they arrived at his humble abode, they realized the great poverty in which he lived and they helped him to warm up by lighting the fire, they invited him with bread and made his afternoon happy with the mass that the parish priest offered in that place.

The old man said with humility:

-Thank you, dear all, that your faith surrounds you in the miracle of sharing tonight, I know that many do not believe and others are part of the faith of the Lord.

Certainly, the miracle was that out of friendship with the old man, all, believers and atheists, met together that day in a pleasant conviviality.

Over the years the church got old and they had to demolish it, the oldest parish priests remembered with joy the faith of that humble old man and in honour of his faith and his joy to share, they decided that the new parish will be built on the place that it had been the home of the good Christian who believed in miracles.

Life shows us that friendship and respect for the other is always something great, from there we can change our way of being and continue being who we are.

Author´s notes:

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Por Ariadne Gallardo Figueroa

Escribir es una de las actividades creativas más fascinantes que existe, indagar lo caminos de diferentes versiones, encontrar motivos para acrecentar el cauce de un relato y motivar a la lectura, es agradable para todo el que escribe

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