The full moon and the site of the new beginnings

“The next full moon would be covered with water, a fascinating moment for all those who have the courage to know how to delve into its secrets, all those who have the ability will understand crudely and realistically what will be presented to them ”

The Messenger

By Ariadne Gallardo Figueroa

Life does not always prepare us to understand why we have come to planet earth, but over the years, we discover that there are a series of actions that commit us to decide what to do, in this sense the intelligence of some will give you possibilities to face your fears and decide how to face them.

Nobody is born with a method to face what we have in front of us, if you were born with the presence and example of violent relatives, you may learn from them that this is the best method to face life.

Waiting for the full moon would fulfill an important pact

In those days Erandi, motivated by the presence of the next lunation, wondered what fruits and seeds would be ready to emerge to the surface. In the same way, she asked who of her disciples would be ready for the next step in their preparation as custodians of the Coyolxauhqui temple, it is now that we are going to meet someone who over the years would become an incentive to continue on the path of Ometeotl’s gifts, her name: Metztli, This is how is called in Nahuatl the Moon. In Mexican mythology, Metztli is associated with the Moon goddess who had the power to dominate the water on the planet through the serpent, with which she sent storms or floods. The Moon also represented maternal love.  

That name corresponded to her due to the time of her birth and in the presence of the moon of the tides and the rising of the rivers she had to elaborate a special preparatory work for the moment when the next full moon will appear.

Metztli’s grandparents were of Otomí origin and their role as custodian of their customs in Nahuatl land by Erandi was respected and considered in the value they had, for which she would make a trip to  Metztitlán, which means place of the Moon, an important sanctuary, since among the Otomi the moon was worshipped, whose power was immense and known by them.

Among the Mexica, the name Mexitin arises, which is a certain way should be the name of the inhabitants of the Valley of Mexico, a matter for which Professor Zila in the future would fight to achieve this change without good results in the consensus.

It is said that initially the Moon shone in the same way as the Sun, which did not seem appropriate to the gods and one of them threw a rabbit to darken her face, since then it is possible to distinguish the figure of a rabbit on the lunar surface. The figure of the rabbit on the Moon can be seen with the naked eye on a full moon night, according to those who know, and perhaps it can be verified by all.

Thus it was that with two rabbits in a sixth Metztli, he will go to the lands of his ancestors to free the bearers of the seal on the moon from the top of a hill to reproduce and never forget to recognize them in the reflection of the moon.

What was happening on the other side of the planet near the coast of Portugal?

Dayami discovers the snail at the bottom of the sea and recognizes it as part of the pact where each message delivered by those who had the ability to understand the subtlety of its breath could be understood. The moments of great intuition would be blooming in the next full moon of the water carrier and his wise moments to value life would be arranged in the minds of sentient beings.

Erandi gathered all the initiates on the esplanade of the temple of the moon and forcefully filled her lungs with air, she was now one with her child, her body represented a duality different from that of other times, it was the body of a woman with her pregnancy and with it, the image of the mother of the Sun, the mother of Huitzilopochtli and the image of the Old Mother, as the moon was called among the Otomi, was strengthened.

As she filled her lungs with air, she brought the ritual snail close to her lips and before the reverence of all those present she arranged to the four cardinal points the eloquent sound of a message that would be recognized by all those surrounding residents.

Indeed, the subtle resonance of that forceful sound would reach anyone who was summoned by the forces surrounding Erandi’s magic and the River deity wrapped in Dayami’s mystical blood.

The light of that conch shell in the depths of the sea would come in the form of dreams and omens to the men who had made a pact with her, the day they named one of their friends and sealed their friendship and reasons to remain united forever.

Something inside you will tell you that what you know, others recognize it and you will be surprised to think the same thing that others have thought, now discover the reasons why this happens to you.

Author´s notes:

On August 22 there is a second Full Moon in the constellation of Aquarius, for the author this contributes to the development of the theme.

Photo by SevenStorm JUHASZIMRUS on, “Full moon in the old continent”

Photograph of the Snail by the author with PisArt’s free filter: «The call of time»

Site from which I took the name Metztli: articles / babies / names / 10-names-of-origin-Azteca-para-ninas /

Historical anthropological reference of the moon among the Nahua and Otomí peoples: -Names-of-Aztec-origin-for-girls /

Por Ariadne Gallardo Figueroa

Escribir es una de las actividades creativas más fascinantes que existe, indagar lo caminos de diferentes versiones, encontrar motivos para acrecentar el cauce de un relato y motivar a la lectura, es agradable para todo el que escribe

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