The message will arrive in due course, with clarity for some.

«Regardless of the turns that life would take, a root will be nourished by love and patience in its journey, a light will be the path and the guide where everyone will find peace and support»

The Messenger

By Ariadne Gallardo Figueroa

It was not for everyone that call, but that able to receive it, he would have in his mind the clarity to share it, even without knowing that his birth had marked him with the symbol of a conch, it was Jacobo who, due to this, understood in dreams what Dayami transmitted to him.

If we dwell on the distant roots of his name we discover that James goes back to distant lands where its meaning indicates that Ya’aqob (Hebrew: | יעקב |) comes from the word aqeb, (|עָקֵב |) «heel», with the sense to be held by the heel.

Among astrologers, the mythological story of Egipán indicates that he discovered a musical instrument – the conch shell – that he used in the fight of the gods against the giants, causing great fear among them and for this reason Zeus allowed him to rise to heaven as a beautiful constellation, precisely Capricorn.

The castaway of whom we speak did not know anything about all this so complex and that only some who had read history papyri or who are grouped in study areas, would be able to know later. This did not prevent his fate and his name from being linked to such circumstances and it was for this reason that regardless of everything predicted or assumed by someone else, it was he who received the message of Dayami’s premonitory dream.

Among the 8 he was not considered a Catholic believer, so for everyone, he was part of the Christian non-believers, even though in reality and seeing it with sincerity, everyone believed in something, not necessarily in the beliefs that became part of a way of life where the doctrine would become an imposition and part of a brutal economic power with the passage of time.

That night they stayed warm sleeping near the rocks near the embers that Evaristo had arranged. Javier, the oldest of all, snored with energy, that ended up lulling the group, among the singing of crickets and frogs, the night became serene.

Jacobo dreamed that he flew like a seagull and entered the blue waters of the deep sea until he reached the area where the sargassum is dense and prevents the entry of the Sun, in that place that not everyone knows, which is frightening because it is cold and dark.

In his dream he observed a woman with very long dark hair who invited him to follow him, she was so beautiful and with exotic features that he did not know if she was wrapped in a magical mirage, those that are fatal and that protect the seas from intruders when they appear. the mermaids, flirtatious and with fishtails, impossible to love but attractive as a dream.

The beautiful woman handed him a conch shell and without opening her lips let him know inside his head that the world on the other side of the sea awaited him intending to pursue and a challenge to fulfil. His destiny would be marked by a dream wrapped in the destiny of someone who would wear the light of the moon and in that way he would recognize her.

He warned him of many dangers that the 8 friends would suffer, but thanks to the conch he would know how to support and protect all of them; Finally, she caressed him without touching him when she said:

«Your courage and dedication will be remembered by a courageous lineage of enlightened ones that will cross time without your essence being erased, your words will give light to entire generations forever and ever»

Dayami gives the mystical conch to Jacobo

When Jacobo woke up excited he told his friends:

-Today I need to be the one to tell a story at night before the campfire since I dreamed something that has especially impressed me, it was so real and wonderful that it is worth telling.

The 7 friends were convinced that what he would tell them would keep them alert, happy and united when Javier pointed out:

-Okay, this time it is a dream and not something that anyone has lived, but that sparkle in your eyes makes me think that you got trapped.

Patricio looked at them curiously, he was a man who liked material goods, his fondness for the carnal and fiery appetites kept him out of balance under the circumstances that everyone experienced, exiled and until recently fleeing from falling into another dungeon.

They all lifted their threadbare clothes, at last dried,  which at last allowed them to follow the path where surprises and the occasional adventure would keep them expectant of the abilities of each one of them, as they learned how they dodged them, creating strong and lasting bonds of friendship.

Life doesn’t always give you friends who respect you despite their differences but finding them is a treasure.

Author´s notes:

Photograph of the author with a free filter from PicsArt «Dayami gives the mystical conch to Jacobo»

Data of the etymological origin of Jacobo and its astrological meaning from Wikipedia

Por Ariadne Gallardo Figueroa

Escribir es una de las actividades creativas más fascinantes que existe, indagar lo caminos de diferentes versiones, encontrar motivos para acrecentar el cauce de un relato y motivar a la lectura, es agradable para todo el que escribe

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