To do the right thing, you will never think twice

«Days of fury will come and your mind will always know what is a priority, your loyalty is not given to anyone, it is yours and your strength lies in it, but it cost you tears and discouragement to understand it, now you will see the fruits of each experience.”

The Messenger

By Ariadne Gallardo Figueroa

At the time that Zila was rescued from the sea with a mortal wound, amidst the confusion and pain, we only learned that a man rescued him, but we could not distinguish who it was. Today we will talk about him, his role in the coming weeks will be fundamental and at the same time, the gift that Dayami will give him will reach his dreams.

We refer to the atheist Santiago, a strong man with a deep gaze and brown hair who related his adventure in that tavern, where the steed with the soul of his lover went to catch up with him; a passionate but stubborn man, his atheism had been moulded by living closely the injustices and robbery of the clergy of his time, he did not keep the acts of faith as certainties, he had to get to the bottom of the truth, yes for that He had to go into muddy terrain, he did; If he had to find the truth in an argument or trick, he placed his interlocutor in a labyrinth until he discovered him in his lie, he did not simply accept what others believed and in that was his strength.

Let us remember that that night in front of the bonfire, Javier would have to relate his encounter with the deity of the river and of course that is the first thing we will tell because each man gave important opinions on the matter.

In the first place, most were moved by the endearing memory of Javier’s mother, somehow those talks around the campfire were strengthening their bonds of friendship and, as we have already mentioned, they would be close friends even beyond their own lives, their offspring would continue many tasks started by them, in Javier’s case the situation would be completely different.

The words of the deity indicating two paths: Dying to the past, or living towards eternity was a kind of riddle for many of them, for which Diego noted:

-Brothers, do you remember that I told you that she would give each of us a tool? The truth is that I do not understand much about living in eternity. Is the deity linked to some Christian belief?

All were silent and later shook  their heads  in unison, it was Zila who pointed out:

-Apparently, every deity knows a world where the banquet of the gods liberates us after death, but in what Javier describes there is no banquet. but there was a group of people speaking voices that he cannot identify, but it was not a feast.

Diego looked at them all and put that look with which his intuition worked and then answered:

-She has offered you a task beyond your time because you will leave a path on which to walk, teaching to remember and it is similar to what happened with your mother, she did something you never forgot, Javier will do the same or he is already doing it.

Then it was his turn for Santiago:

-Each human being lives what they learned and it is difficult to make them see what they must unlearn to move forward, we are rebels, we have done what others have not and together we have become stronger, one follows the other and everyone we are learning to be a change in our lives, something that others would not dare even in dreams.

They all looked at each other with a hopeful smile and then Evaristo pointed out:

-Well, we speak of our own qualities, capable that I will be a healer and she will tell me when she sees her, it would not be anything strange.

Building the timeless campfire

Jacobo got up to throw more logs on the fire and with a smile, he realized that he remembered by heart what she was told him:

Your courage and dedication will be remembered by a courageous line of enlightened ones that will cross time without your essence being erased, your words will give light to entire generations and it will never go out. ”

Then Javier with a huge smile hit his legs with both hands as a sign of having discovered something unexpected and exclaimed:

-Not only do you put light on the fire, but you will also do it to connect us, the deity when speaking of the lineage, refers to the children of the children of all of you, we must make a custom in all of them. We must call them in the same way that she shows me in dreams, the men and women were attendant together that meeting, in circles, beyond the times to fulfil something that we have not yet discovered or do not understand.

Moved and amazed they listened to Patricio who urged them not to forget what she would say to each one of them and said:

-We must write it somewhere, we must remember each word and thus build the reflection of each of her words as the deity told me, and aloud repeated the words that Dayami had told him in his dreams:

“Patricio, you will be the reflection of others, you will be able to respond quickly to danger, you will recognize their voices and the intentions that bring them closer to you, you are a man who needs stimuli to act; you will be remembered as a speaker and builder. ”

Satisfied and enthusiastic, they went to sleep happily because their talks had become something luminous and enriching.

When you are united by a common good, nothing you do will go out of the box and will unite you with the right beings to undertake any adventure that you propose.

Author’s Notes:

Photography by Dr. Enrique González Gallardo: «Building the timeless campfire»

Por Ariadne Gallardo Figueroa

Escribir es una de las actividades creativas más fascinantes que existe, indagar lo caminos de diferentes versiones, encontrar motivos para acrecentar el cauce de un relato y motivar a la lectura, es agradable para todo el que escribe

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