The interaction caused a change in everyone

«You will notice that nothing is the same, that intuition makes its way and the paths where there was darkness are cleared with the bright light of knowledge, each of those summoned would leave behind what they were to clearly understand the meaning of transcending beyond them themselves»

The Messenger

By Ariadne Gallardo Figueroa

The night arrived on time a few days after the new moon, everyone knew that the deity of the river would speak to one of them, Diego whose intuition was kept alert looked at Evaristo, Timoteo, Zila and Santiago and told them:

-Are the ones who are missing … 

They all looked at each other, captivated by the very idea of ​​discovering in their dreams the lady whose mystery impressively attracted them and bowed their heads in expectation of what might happen that night.

However, the hours passed and a heavy and deep sleep took hold of everyone until very early in the morning the song of the magpies woke them up, with annoyance Evaristo exclaimed:

-The picarazas warns us that we must keep food, preserve it, in the absence of a barn, we must invent some bags or something for the journey. What scandalous animals, jolín, I was fast asleep, but I was not lucky enough to meet the deity!

They all looked at each other, raising their shoulders in expectation, resigned they recognized that their time would come and they dedicated themselves to gathering green fruits, they cut part of their threadbare clothes to invent a bag. Then Diego pointed out to all the travelling companions:

-They have realized that every time we share what we have done, what we know and what we discover along the way, it makes us stronger, more astute, as we are more alert and wise just by living together.

We all arrived by chance of fate to these places, as children, imprisoned, fleeing, we learned the language or it was taught to us by the parents we had, those who bought us, those who took pity on us, we are a mixture of other races, moving on land and seas in search of wealth, power or freedom; no matter how I am so glad that we are together. 

Zila smiled with joy and raising his arms to heaven exclaimed his gratitude for being alive thanks to them. Again they went deep into the forest to avoid being seen and continue their journey until the night found them exhausted reviewing the moments, dreams and calamities they had experienced before going to sleep.

At that moment Santiago heard a whispering of water as if he were near the river and a distant voice approached him, naming him amid a haze of purple and crimson tones:

<Santiago, your path is different from all of them, solitaire  like the moon that you now feel but cannot see, distrust marks you, everything for which you would give your life, you know that it is not worth it and in this lies your greatest shield so as not to be a prey to deception>

The deity caressed his hair and when she tried to caress his face, he moved with distrust, to which Dayami confided:

<Santiago, my death was tragic, it is my blood that forms a timeless being so that you can perceive me, I do not seek to seduce you by touching you, it is how I can intuit who you are beyond what the being that mixed with my blood could tell me>

Santiago nodded and said in a rough voice:

-Go ahead woman, do what you have to do. Now I understand that of all of us there is one who made a bridge with you, that is why we understand your words and that is why you know our names.

Dayami was then able to touch him his face and head to boost her intuition and understand in that man whose barriers prevented her from seeing beyond the surface if she managed to recognize what was  his role in the group was and finally she succeeded: 

<Santiago, you are going to decipher a code and that will lead you to others, you will see where others do not understand what happens, you will not be seduced by anyone, that will help you discover the truth, it will make you strong and feared, take care of what you show to those you do not know; from among your group each one of them are capable of giving their lives for each other, recognize it>

Santiago with a circumspect attitude asked:

-Codes, how, where; what is the purpose of that?

In response, Dayami showed him the image of a woman and he heard the voice of the deity in his head:

Erandi was announced to Santiago

-You will meet the lady with the crosier and the feathers walking down in the temple, she has to take you to the potters When you ask her for the code, remember her with her very long hair and that crosier that always accompanies her.

Santiago understood their arrival in the lands beyond the wide sea was a fact, the deity would encourage them to arrive and meet those who would be their allies.

When a task is necessary, things are given to the designated people to achieve it.

Author´s notes:

Magpie photography, and Photographic composition of the author with free filter from PicsArt: «Erandi was announced to Santiago«

Por Ariadne Gallardo Figueroa

Escribir es una de las actividades creativas más fascinantes que existe, indagar lo caminos de diferentes versiones, encontrar motivos para acrecentar el cauce de un relato y motivar a la lectura, es agradable para todo el que escribe

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