Dawn opened a portal to hope

«It seems that only the spider weaves the threads intricate history is who knows the real connections»

The Messenger

By Ariadne Gallardo Figueroa

An awakening Santiago was a frugal and undemonstrative man, when asked if there was The deity of the river appeared to someone, he answered by raising his hand, with a slight and barely perceptible smile on his face.

They had all been told that their offspring would transform their lives and those of future generations, in the case of Santiago, today we will talk about his closed and resentful posture, a matter for which it would be difficult for him to reach unknown lands and easily fall in love with someone.

On one occasion he did, he had fallen madly in love with a woman who manipulated and abandoned him, this closed his heart to all possibilities in the future, so we can well understand that the proposal made by the river deity opened a path for him, unsuspected and hopeful, even though he didn’t understand it clearly at the time.

Terracotta and water would become the creative elements of Santiago

The codes would become his passion, that passion that he would never dare to grant to a woman for fear of being betrayed. He would have in his hands a malleable material, where he would dump all those secrets that he would not tell anyone and that nevertheless by themselves would shout out to the world the most rebellious of truths.

But that method would be taught by Erandi she was already doing it by structuring a delicate network of connections where borders, greed and every closed scheme that the world had imposed had no place in her purposes.

Despite all that was said, she did monitor the creative environments of her followers and allies, she could cut corners with those who were not able to understand the magnitude of her proposals; the elect would be illuminated by a light of special knowledge.

To Santiago, Erandi and Dayami would become their tutors and teachers in a world where their creativity would have meaning and significance. He even dared to give a designation to the learned method but jealously guarded that name forever.

Remember that it is still too early to know more details, the only certain thing is that the entire group of those who were shipwrecked enriched themselves in that region that would modify their lives forever, opening a portal to hope in an atrocious and savage world.

It may not happen to everyone, but when someone can awaken your creative passions, that person will be with you forever and despite everything.

Author´s notes:

Photo by Quang Nguyen Vinh on Pexels.com

Por Ariadne Gallardo Figueroa

Escribir es una de las actividades creativas más fascinantes que existe, indagar lo caminos de diferentes versiones, encontrar motivos para acrecentar el cauce de un relato y motivar a la lectura, es agradable para todo el que escribe

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