Practice and experience

«He who seeks, should not only do it in the sea and the sky, those who discover how to interpret what I tell them will understand that each symbol and experience will open a new path for them, not everything depends on you but the stumbling blocks are part of the teaching ”

The Messenger

By Ariadne Gallardo Figueroa

That morning there was a trill of various birds, not only the magpies accompanied them after dawn broke, so every one of them realized that Evaristo, clearly noticing that those whom he named picarazas had caught their attention, understood something peculiar.

They did not want to wait until dusk to find out what the deity had said to Santiago, they sensed that in his paucity he would send him into oblivion but they were surprised when he told them:

-Don’t be anxious, we have been summoned to give his place in the world. to the circle of the campfire or whatever we are going to name it, every symbol counts and they have to wait for the night so that everything that the deity of the river told me is said.

On their journey, they meditated that they should give a name to their meetings in front of the campfire and they went from being the men around the fire to considering themselves the eight enlightened ones and finally, they decided to name themselves «The Circle of the Illuminated» taking into account what they have been revealed to one of them that in the future there would be compelling reasons for this to be repeated in a time that they will no longer know.

In the same way, they agreed so that one of them, pretending to be a beggar, would approach a region when they celebrated the harvest and in that way, they would have information about what was happening by listening to what the locals talked about.

They all eagerly wanted the night to come to listen to Santiago and reveal what Dayami had said, of course, they did not know if she had a name and none of them had thought to ask.

The next morning Javier would be sent like a beggar to the market of a town since it was easier to get lost among those who buy and sell than in a town without popular activity.

Around the fire the eight enlightened ones share with the deity of the river and Erandi

The night brought together the newly appointed circle of the illuminated and, honouring tradition, Santiago made the campfire sizzle at the moment that everyone smiled with joy, noticing in the most reserved of its members a friendly openness towards them.

The first thing she told her companions was the reasons why the deity touched their faces and in the same way, she made them notice that it was thanks to Zila that she had managed to establish contact with others, being the cause for which she knew the castizo language and also the names of all of them.

This surprised them greatly and much more that Santiago would have been the one who rescued Zila since if they had not done so, all of them would have lost an impressive opportunity; Santiago settled down and took a few sips of the infusion of healing herbs that Evaristo prepared for them every night to exclaim:

-The most impressive thing was when she showed me the silhouette of the woman who protects the Moon! She is the one to whom I must give a name and it will be a kind of permission for me to have a job among the potters of that place that we do not know.

They all looked at each other with surprise and asked her if she had learned every word she spoke, beyond considering him a craftsman, for some reason he was going to be among many of them, so Santiago affirmatively pointed out, this is what she told me:

<Santiago, you are going to decipher a code and that will lead you to others, you will see where others do not understand what happens, you will not be seduced by anyone, that will help you discover the truth, it will make you strong and feared, take care of what you show who you don’t know; Among your group, each of them is capable of giving their lives for each other, admit it>

Evaristo was the first to question the others about the meaning of the codes, remembering the lady who told him that story of the thief of souls and raising his index finger he asked: 

-Could it be that everything that belongs to a group to protect and recognize itself is a code? Do you remember that woman who told me why in their culture she must cover her face before others?

Then Javier warned:

-In that case, I’m going to be a code by pretending to be a beggar so as not to be seen in a town, but there will always be codes, what I don’t understand is what kind of all of them are going to identify us.

Timoteo got up and stretched out his arms to address the group:

-Do you realize that something has changed us, that we are not the same; We talk about codes and we have named a campfire with a name like those of the places where those who keep scrolls of papyrus and things like that are, this is different, we all know that we are men of the dungeons, drinkers of kohol or hydromel, thieves and some of us murderers out of necessity, but also out of rage, we have taken more than one of us at the point of the sword. He paused and recalled that moment that for him, as Catholic, was terrible:

-I remember with regret that the pain in my gut from hunger made me hit someone who kept yelling at me to be caught as a thief, I remember that he hit me and I did not hesitate to take out my dagger and hurt who was chasing me because in truth I was stealing. I prayed to myself by pulling my dagger from him and wiping his blood on his clothes.

Now I am not hungry, I am not angry and I am with a group of friends that I appreciate, they have changed my life, but we are alone, we have not mixed with those who bring out the worst in all of us.

It was then that Zila, comforted, again thanked everyone for saving him from death and especially Santiago, who was not afraid to jump into the water until he reached him. He paused and grabbed his beards that were not long and braided now and exclaimed:

-¡We are not just a circle of enlightenment, we are the ones who gave life with a conch to something greater than all of us!

Diego nodded his head and his intuition led him to something that pleased everyone else:

-We can no longer fear mixing with others, now we are eight of us to think about what we should do, also a spirit and a woman, they have named us for something that is not only from the land, nor from the seas.

It was then that Santiago pointed out with joy:

-She, the deity told me something else, listen to each word, she knows us because we are getting to know each other, she told me this:

<Santiago, your path is different from all of them, lonely as the moon that you now feel but cannot see, marks you distrust, everything for which you would give your life, you know that it is not worth it and in this lies your greatest shield so as not to be a prey to deception>

Jacobo who had been silently listening to his friends argued:

 – Do you remember that she named me the light? Well, Santiago has to be the one who sees dangers in the shadows and will save us from them – at that moment he directed his gaze to Zila – in the same way, that he could see our friend Zila in the depths of the sea.

They all smiled with joy and felt that their world would never be the same as before, something within them was changing them, even when they did not know what it was.

There will be gods, spirits, demons, everything that you can imagine in the traditions, in the end, there is the intuition to understand, in what way all that will stop you or make you better.

Author´s note:

Drawing of the author with free filter from PicsArt: «The circle of the illuminated ones»

Por Ariadne Gallardo Figueroa

Escribir es una de las actividades creativas más fascinantes que existe, indagar lo caminos de diferentes versiones, encontrar motivos para acrecentar el cauce de un relato y motivar a la lectura, es agradable para todo el que escribe

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