Zila’s premonitory dream

“Now you know, each situation is a code, each event a symbol; but life does not always prepare you to anticipate such events.”

The Messenger

By Ariadne Gallardo Figueroa

That night the men agreed to stay near the river until everyone had news of the river deity. Diego, whose intuition was awake and tenacious, warned everyone that Zila might be the last to know about the deity, but no one knew what would happen for sure.

That night they noticed with surprise that the river had grown and its channel roared with greater force, everyone shrugged their shoulders without knowing if it was due to natural or magical reasons, each one according to their criteria and beliefs gave it more or less importance.

They grouped as usual before the campfire talking about situations that worried them and aware that they would not move away from that place, if the riverbed were cut off, they would back down until they waited for Dayami’s long-awaited words.

The moment came when everyone fell exhausted and lulled by the moaning of the mighty river, possibly everyone dreamed of their longings and all the vicissitudes, what they remembered with nostalgia and situations that only remained in their minds and that they will not share with the others. 

However, Zila had a strange dream, not the one in which he managed to meet the river deity that only we know that night was alert of everything she shared with Erandi.

His dream was strange, he was with relatives that he did not see again in his escape from danger, all inside a wooden house with high ceilings, listening to the roar of the mountain that cracked, and threatened them with an avalanche of snow and rocks, Inside that house, no one took the initiative to flee, they waited for the rocks to fall in front of them, however the entire rear of that building collapsed with the rocks, none of the inhabitants of that place suffered damage.

Zila woke up with a start, in truth that night no one could sleep they were anxious about what Javier had told them and Evaristo from his makeshift bed shouted to them:

-It seems that we have not been able to sleep beyond dawn, do we stay watching the starry night or do we turn on the wood fire?

They all agreed to gather around the campfire and Zila took the opportunity to relate her nightmare. Each of the men listened to him attentively and Santiago told him:

-I suppose that now that we can see everything under the light of symbols and codes we can get something out of that unpleasant dream.

Javier, with a huge and noisy yawn, stayed analyzing what he heard and warned:

-What you keep in your heart or that you would not tell anyone, could be discovered in the face of danger, I see that in the dream.

Patricio, who was the most practical of all, pointed out:

-It is clear to me that only friends enter the house and in the dream, you stay with the family but without a home. It could be that you feel unsure of what might happen.

Timothy the Catholic, raising his index finger, describes a different argument:

-Maybe you feel that your beliefs are disappearing, the idea of ​​having to get on a ship of Catholics scares you and accept the rituals for fear that they will lower you again, that already you did in the past.

It was then that Evaristo, putting his hand to the back of his neck to scratch, warned:

-If it were a secret that has been kept or a prayer to your gods, you may feel that they did not hear it so far, Odin may be in that tree with the thick roots where he lost his eye and forgot about you.

Zila, hitting his chest, snapped:

-It’s my belief, I carry it inside of me, how do you think that?

Javier calming the spirits of his companions warned:

In each belief it must be the same, all the gods of someone go with them just like the Lord Jesus Christ who inhabits the earth, the heavens and the seas.

Then Jacobo threw a fist of the earth at the campfire to make it sizzle and announced:

-I see in all that about the fallen house and the saved humans is that after having been shipwrecked and although we do not appear in that dream, now we are family and all of us have lost something along the way, except life; The miracle of being alive is not only that, they have noticed that where we come from they kill each other because one group does not believe the same as the others, they steal each other because they want what the other has… But we have each other, the eight of us are family.

Diego got up and pointed out:

-If we were holding our beliefs, in a clan or community, we would not care what was happening in the peoples of other religions, we would be taking care that they do not invade us in the name of their gods.

They all looked at each other with those reflective glances that only the glow of the campfire witnessed.

Beyond what you believe, your life allows you to understand the other and it depends on your fear or your greed, respecting him or not.

Author´s notes:

Photograph of the author: «Remembering Yggdrasil«

Por Ariadne Gallardo Figueroa

Escribir es una de las actividades creativas más fascinantes que existe, indagar lo caminos de diferentes versiones, encontrar motivos para acrecentar el cauce de un relato y motivar a la lectura, es agradable para todo el que escribe

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