The goat and the horse

“Dayami you have travelled the slope of that river that is not known by your people, you have explored what others say, your work is not limited to showing the light of understanding to the 8 future ascended that today have been lit by the campfire; You have discovered that your return work needs allies.”

The Messenger

By Ariadne Gallardo Figueroa

That night, like so many others, the men cut firewood and arranged their belongings to spend the night hopeful about the possible visit to one of them from the deity of the river.

For each of the men, the hope of knowing the place where the spices were part of a trade, began to become a sign, a challenge and the look of the future towards the meeting with the lady who guards the Moon, however, the things were about to change drastically and uncertainty would take centre stage. That night Dayami made her appearance with Evaristo.

The sound of the river and its tributaries were heard in Evaristo’s dreams, within a whirlpool the figure of the lady appeared with a special announcement for Evaristo, who, surprised, saw her emerge from it, the figure of that woman difficult to understand or define, just a silhouette pinkish and vibrant like the watery flow of the river, he spoke to him:

“Evaristo, you are who you are and that is not going to change, detailed and observant, aware of all the messages of nature and its warning signs, and joys; you can heal and you know the danger and gifts of each element of the forest and the meadow ”

Evaristo alerted and surprised at the subtle apparition sighed when the ethereal touch of the river deity settled on his face and travelled gently from head to neck. Then he asked her:

«Ma’am, may I know your name?»

«I am only allowed to say it to the one who brought me to this place and he will be the one who will keep my name under the promise that if I share it with you, no one will have to name me in these lands»

-Lady, what have you found within what makes me different to deserve to be part of this group?

“Your destiny will be put to the test to save the lives of those who have to continue the journey, pay attention to what I tell you: Neither goats nor horses have existed where I belong. I have travelled the side of the river to discover that the hunger for power will set many in motion, everyone dreams of a place of enormous wealth but amid the whirlpool, you will understand how wrong they are, trust your instinct «

In dreams, the deity showed him a gruesome scene and he said:

“You will be the one who knows this tragedy and you will know how to defend the allies; in your body is the disease and also the cure ” 

Hueyzahuatl, The disease that allowed the conquest in 1520

Evaristo understood that his abilities as a healer or herbalist would make him a skilled healer of humans and that he would face the hell of that man had spoken to them, even though he thought that the hell to which the guard of that dreadful dungeon was referring was the harshness of a life without the right to freedom and placed in the hands of bloodthirsty men who would see first for them and then for others.

Evaristo senses that the deity of the river would not abandon them and that, and in case that a whirlpool appeared in their path in the future, they would know that she would be in command of the route to fulfil their task.

A place without horses and goats was difficult to understand, but Evaristo has begun a journey where the world to which he opened his eyes to life would never be the same.

When your plans venture into unfamiliar terrain, only the light of understanding can take you where others never will.

Author´s notes:

 As pointed part this sheet Florentine codex; hueyzahuatl, Nahuatl word that translates as «big leprosy», or «the one with larger grains»

Por Ariadne Gallardo Figueroa

Escribir es una de las actividades creativas más fascinantes que existe, indagar lo caminos de diferentes versiones, encontrar motivos para acrecentar el cauce de un relato y motivar a la lectura, es agradable para todo el que escribe

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