There, where everything collapses, hope will be born

«Only he who puts his intuition at the service of all reasoning can foresee what could happen, he who sees the collapse as a fate that cannot be escaped will remain immobile waiting for death»

The Messenger

By Ariadne Gallardo Figueroa

Evaristo has been alerted to something he does not know, how would it be possible to save the chosen group from certain death? With this question we begin the most detailed plan of a man who will put his intuition at the service of humanity, each effort will arise from his way of understanding nature and its processes, but to get there it is important to take a short tour of the history.

In remote parts of Egypt, when Pharaoh Ramses V died of smallpox, no one knew what it was; the devastating «Variola» as it was named by the Latinos and which refers to the mottling that appears all over the body, taking the life out of the person who contracts it and whoever managed to overcome it was left blind or sterile.

Thus, with the growing trade, it reached India, later to Africa, Asia and Europe, when the Europeans discovered the lands of the American continent, much beyond the atrocious massacres they carried out in their wanderings, it was the aforementioned disease that decimated populations of all those who were not immune to the outbreak and of course it became an impressive instrument to frighten them, considering this atrocious pandemic as the punishment of the one that they used as a banner to colonize and indoctrinate. That would be the panorama with which the eight enlightened ones would face when arriving in American lands.

More than 3 million Aztecs were left without life, facilitating the conquest of Tenochtitlán, of course, that did not stop there, it is known in the history books that a renowned Inca emperor and a large part of his population were decimated by smallpox. 

Thus, when night came and Evaristo began to comment to his companions what was described to him by the deity of the river and to introduce them to the most terrifying vision of people with black and bleeding pustules all over their bodies. Everyone felt an indescribable dread.

His surprise was greater when he described  that the place to which they would go, no human knew or had seen goats and horses before, to which Diego alarmed exclaimed:

-Does the place we go to not belong to this world?

Javier argued:

-No, not to the world as we know it …

Patricio, who always put his well-being and practical matters first, worriedly pointed out:

-Maybe it is a good warning to back off, I think going to certain death after all that we have lived is not worth it.

Jacobo with great disgust snapped:

-You are always waiting for them to give you, to be served on a tray what you need and even demand it, hard head, these are tests that we must face and get out of them!

Diego said:

The  woman guarding the moon could die without our help

Brothers, we know that Evaristo is a healer of bodies, but something so awful What is it that he can understand nature to save to those who have now become allies and that we still do not meet? Do we only know that the woman who guards the moon could die without our help?

Evaristo, rubbing his hands, pointed out:

-The only thing that nature has shown me is that she needs sun, separate the sick from the group and give them infusions, I don’t know anything else. But if the deity of the river crossing villages and listening to the  people she realizes the danger that comes from the future, possibly her powerful magic tell us what to do, she spoke of a whirlwind, I remember that part clearly:

… All of them  dream of a place of enormous wealth but amid the maelstrom, you understand how wrong they are, trust your instinct

Then Santiago pointed earnestly  to the fire and said:

-I saved Zila, but at that moment I did not know if I would succeed, I only understood that her death would be unfair and I did not want to give up or stop putting my effort into it, that is what it is about Gentlemen, we do not have all the answers but what What I understand as a whirlpool is that, the confusion of men in the face of death, their need to save themselves before others and if our life is linked to the unknown, it would be unfair to do nothing for everything that awaits us.

Zila looked at them with a grateful smile and encouraged them:

-The hell and devastation have been announced to us, but the deity of the river has given us reason to believe in hope, she could not see only death and destruction, she has seen us as part of a group that is part of the plans of the lady who protects the moon, let’s not fall into the whirlpool, let’s move on and whatever it has to be, will be.

At that moment, Zila threw a fist of the earth at the campfire so that it would sizzle with energy and all the men raised their arms in a sign of unity and triumph.

You will be able to recognize your limits and also what you have been trained to face what you do not know, the paths are clear, surrender or fight for the future.

Author´s notes:

Archive photograph of the author: «Erandi the lady who protects the moon»

Por Ariadne Gallardo Figueroa

Escribir es una de las actividades creativas más fascinantes que existe, indagar lo caminos de diferentes versiones, encontrar motivos para acrecentar el cauce de un relato y motivar a la lectura, es agradable para todo el que escribe

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