The great celebration

«In someone you have placed your immortality, you offered it, therefore, you are part of the gift by consecrating your talent to the journey»

The Messenger

By Ariadne Gallardo Figueroa

The scent of roses follows the handsome and determined Hora along the path that leads him to the whispering of the waves of the sea on the coasts of what today we know as Venezuela; His spirit, knowing that he is the bearer of a magical breath, renews him and makes him happy in the days that bring him closer to completing a new decade on the planet that has seen him share his talents and his teachings without asking for anything back, delivering happiness to the locals and showing his active abilities thanks to the lightning bolt that has endowed him with ingenuity to be different.

If I know that everyone will be wondering what a flower of Babylonian or Greek origin is doing in the territory of the South American continent on dates lost in time and before the arrival of the conquerors …

There is a story that goes back to a town very far from the site that today we step on the journey that Hora travels, pay attention, I cannot avoid this detail so that the origin of the rose bush and the man who has captivated us with his ingenuity, be clear in this story:

In the German city of Hildesheim it is located in the state of Lower Saxony, a town in which years later a monastery was built, is the site where the oldest rose bush in the world was cultivated and Hora’s paternal root is linked to that history; Do not ask me in what way, but just as he could make a pact with the lightning, have blue eyes that when he got angry changed to greenish, his life and his mysteries were known to those who shared his life closely and I can assure to all of you that they were very few people.

Once we understand this passage we know that Hora had magic that did not exactly make him immortal, but someone had given him certain electrifying flashes so that his life would be.

Since he was little, the best compliment that he did to celebrate his birthday was to run naked and happy, as this desire grew in each celebration, with the pass of the years it was limited to the patio of the mother’s house around the rose bush that his mother cultivated without being shown for anyone, just to the delight of her father, her son and her.

It is the reason why the rosebush shared its secrets and aroma with it; now that he was away from everything known, in a place where the language was not easy for him to understand and completely alone, without Duplo and neither the parrot who baptized him with a new name, the man who is about to celebrate his birthday party, decided to keep all his belongings and clothes underground to run without restraint and naked along the extensive beach that he had at his disposal, this he would do for the rest of his days, wherever he was, no matter what, feeling the force of the wind in his hair and her bare skin caressed by the rays of the sun.

Let this passage be a tribute to Hora the man who knew how to make a pact in his life with a rose bush and with the power of lightning.

 Happy entry into a new decade of fruitful discoveries that will be remembered by everyone who crossed your path!

Author´s notes:

Photo compositions of the author with free filter from PicsArt

The oldest rose bush in the world

Por Ariadne Gallardo Figueroa

Escribir es una de las actividades creativas más fascinantes que existe, indagar lo caminos de diferentes versiones, encontrar motivos para acrecentar el cauce de un relato y motivar a la lectura, es agradable para todo el que escribe

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