What the hell are you talking about?

“Where everything can be and will not be, where the rain can give in but it won’t. There is a place in your mind that remains inert, make it reborn! «

The Messenger

By Ariadne Gallardo Figueroa

Touched the place of the seventh of the friends, I mean Timoteo, the man of Catholic beliefs, whose faith would be put to the test; To enter the mental territory of Timothy the Catholic, was something very similar to looking at the world under the designs of Manifest Destiny, very similar to a creed that would emerge centuries later and that would spread or at least intend to do so throughout the world. 

For Timothy, the Christian faith was a divine inheritance, of those chosen to show the way, the truth and the life to others; As a believer, he had faith that the word of the Lord would spread throughout the land known and to be known, he justified, in the same way, that others would the expansion of his creed in the future.

However, his belief would be put to the test, by his fellow travellers and by Dayami herself who was about to appear in his dreams. Let’s take into account some details; If a people prefer to build a church in foreign lands with the desire to indoctrinate and invalidates the force of the beliefs of the place by considering it the devil’s business everything related to human sacrifices ceremonial, but they are capable of organizing mass killings in the name of their God.

 What is the devil and what hell do you live? 

This would be the context that Dayami would face when trying to penetrate the mind of a being whose creed distorted centuries ago placed him in a vulnerable place. let us remember the origin of his name: Timoteo, was one of the believers of the group of 8 castaways, his name of Greek origin, Τιμόθεος, «timáo-theós», whose meaning is «He who feels love or adoration of God».

Let us remember that in those bonfires before the sight of Dayami in the dreams of all of them it was precisely Timoteo who told the story of the old man:

The old man said with humility:

-Thank you, dear all, that your faith surrounds you in the miracle of sharing tonight, I know that many do not believe and others are part of the Lord’s faith.

Certainly, the miracle was that out of friendship with the old man, all, believers and atheists, met together that day in a pleasant conviviality.

Over the years the church got old and they had to demolish it, the oldest parish priests remembered with joy the faith of that humble old man and in honour of his faith and his joy to share, they decided that the new parish will be built on the that it had been the home of the good Christian who believed in miracles.

The reality was very different when the power of those who held a faith implied the political and economic power of a King and his territories to support it.

Dayamit was thus that night would face the mental barrier of a man who, like his friends, would face the pain and loss of all those he loved and would suffer the most terrible of contradictions.

Timoteo was a strong, muscular man, with reddish hair and soft eyes, every night he prayed for his companions and asked for peace and blessings for all of them, he remembered with pain the day that before the cruellest injustice he was became enraged and beat a guard and three one of them pounced on him, beating him cruelly and kicking him, fracturing his rib.

He knew that the world was not that place where it was easy to turn the other cheek and make the adversary reconsider but he believed in the friendship of his friends and respected their beliefs since neither of them imposed it on the other.

Then the deity of the river spoke to him between dreams in this way:

“Timoteo, everything you believe, belongs to a world that is not of this time, a place far away in time; you will be able to fight to find that balance where people will be able to know if what they believe can be compared with what they know, where you know the language of the one who shows their beliefs and you will be allowed to take part or make the choices  to back out from their temple in peace ”

Timoteo amazed, answered:

-Madam, that feeling is the same that my faith recognizes, it is the blessed peace of the Lord.

Dayami brought her ethereal body closer to Timoteo’s and placed her hands on his head, running over his broad neck, beard, eyes, nose, and forehead. Timoteo waited for her words with hope and great expectation:

-Deity of the river,  What do you find in my thoughts that awaits me in this adventure where the future is not clear to any of us?

In response, Dayami showed him a painful scene, an unarmed man pierced by the spear of another riding on horseback, whom with an angry look the attacker yells at him:

<Damn son of the devil, go to hell!>

Then the deity spoke to Timoteo:

«Remember Timoteo that he who does not know hell will never understand the rage of the one who has lived it, nor will he understand that that place exists beyond the death that the attacker imposes on him»

The man shudders at the vision that has been shown: 

A small human with white clothes similar to those described by one of his companions wore Erandi and the skin of a brownish tone, as in the past in the vision commented by Santiago had been announced to them. 

Timothy, then with dismay and anguish replied,

Ma’am, we must warn them, we must go before…

«It is not in my hands that decision, the only thing I managed to see is that in the history of Jacob inhabits a man with fishtail; If I can ally with him, I will be able to help them when they are on the way.  Timothy your love for life is very great and that is your strength ”

The lady vanished from his dreams, the robust man surprised himself sobbing between wakefulness and sleep; Then he recognized that beyond all belief the value and respect for life is and will be fundamental.

Every living being deserves respect, it does not matter if you meet them or not, the only thing they will never understand is that you wanted to impose to them your beliefs on all of them and you forced them to respect them over your own.

Author´s Notes:

Photographic composition of the author: «Jacob’s conch»

Por Ariadne Gallardo Figueroa

Escribir es una de las actividades creativas más fascinantes que existe, indagar lo caminos de diferentes versiones, encontrar motivos para acrecentar el cauce de un relato y motivar a la lectura, es agradable para todo el que escribe

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