Zenith, Nadir and horizon are your instruments

«There will come a time when the zenith coincides with your midheaven and you will be able to triangulate the position of the allies and then, only at that precise moment, will you be able to recognize them»

The Messenger

By Ariadne Gallardo Figueroa

It was a few days before the Full Moon, Erandi waits for news of the woman who was sent to the Otomi lands, she prepares to elaborate a delicate spell that will give light to the shadows and will form a pact with every known and unknown ally.

Erandi at dawn, together with her ceremonial rod and her crosier of command, initiates a spell that will allow her to observe her envoys in the geographical points that they are, close, such as Metztli, distant as Painani and the ethereal fortress of Dayami.

Erandi and Metztli in Mexico; Painani in Costa Rica and Dayami in Portugal

Each moment described in Erandi’s mystical writings and drawings will remain as a chronicle with the descriptions of a being who is a pragmatic way and with the help of her intuition was covering passages of time that later came to life in the hands of the enlightened and possibly they would be known to a Spanish fearful of the holy inquisition who, upon discovering the magic of this legacy, tried to hide it by being forced to burn all memory of the history of the Aztec people for being considered the anathema of the new world.

But that time is still distant and what we can clearly appreciate is the journey of each of them as they fulfil an impressive task where adversity and dangers are a constant and at the same time a unique opportunity to marvel at the discoveries and majestic landscapes, that they encountered in their wake, like the people who, without being known or speaking the same language, could become support in the necessary moments.

Now we know that Timoteo would go into despair when he discovered that the life that presented itself to them as an opportunity in that distant place that they mistake for the Indies, was full of the mystery of shadows and death.

The only bright and vibrant thing for each of them is the image full of hope and faith in the future of Erandi, whom they only know as the Lady who guards the Moon.

When night came the bonfire of the eight enlightened ones was lit and in Aztec lands, the noon was deployed with the force of the Sun in the esplanade of the Temple of the Moon, where Erandi was in a trance from very early; Mentally travelling to the place where Painani was crossing the jungle of what we now know as Costa Rica, in a clearing in the dense jungle she showed her the image of what she could appreciate on the other side of the wide sea; In this way, Painani was able to observe each of the men illuminated by the fire, delivered to the emotional words of Timoteo who explained his encounter with the deity of the river.

Metztli watched Dayami on her way, frail in appearance but strengthened by the course of a river unknown to her; She perceived and felt the sweaty body of Painani in a place of exuberant vegetation and observed the precise moment in which Timoteo threw a fist of the earth at the campfire to make it vibrate.

On the esplanade, Erandi celebrates the pact and the meeting with her ceremonial crosier raises it to coincide with the zenith that falls directly on her head and exclaims:

“We are one, we are everything on the road and we know each other the destiny that awaits us and will never separate us; we are one, we are everything in the sky, we are one and we are everything in the wide sea … The known and unknown forces may be summoned to achieve the task that we have set for ourselves, where the earth must not be separated from the sky and the wide sea ”

At that precise moment Timoteo pointed out to the group:

-The deity of the river told me that he would look for allies in the sea to help us in this task, she does not know if we can get there before, but she will do everything in her magic so that we achieve what appears to be impossible.

The wind in that area of ​​Europe began to roar with force and without any of the men being able to notice, a monstrous hurricane swirled in the waters near the islands of what is now known as the Canary Islands; someone has been awakened from his calm, in the depths of the sea, where Dayami is not there to explain something to him, to try to understand the wonder of a deity whose fierceness is immense.

Jacobo in an impulse that does not know where it comes from, joins his hands and blows as if he were doing it through a conch shell, in the middle of that night that begins to shake each tree with anger and extinguishes their fire in that place of peace where they talk and make plans for the future.

Suddenly, the wind ceases and the squalid embers of their bonfire rekindle the fire before the astonished gaze of each one of them. Zila exclaimed:

-I only need to know the lady who will give me her name and who must be guarded with zeal by each one of us, beyond all intuition, we are responding to the call, we are part of something bigger than ourselves.

The men smiled, Painani, Metztli, Dayami and Erandi recognize each other in the intuition with which they have endowed the eight enlightened ones and without a doubt, the fury that lives in the depths of a sea known only to Dayami has received the call, must to waiting for the moment when their strength becomes encouragement and help for every one of them.

If you doubt your power, observe yourself in the mirror that others are for you and in them, you will understand that life is a succession of learning where everything can happen if you put your mind to it.

Author´s notes:

Photographic composition of the author: «The route that marks in zenit»

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Por Ariadne Gallardo Figueroa

Escribir es una de las actividades creativas más fascinantes que existe, indagar lo caminos de diferentes versiones, encontrar motivos para acrecentar el cauce de un relato y motivar a la lectura, es agradable para todo el que escribe

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