The victorious agreements

«All moments are visible to the eyes of the world, only that which you reserve for yourself constitutes the moment where everything is possible and extraordinary.»

The Messenger

By Ariadne Gallardo Figueroa

You must remember that I told you some time ago that there would be a special meeting and unforgettable between Painani and Hora; There are places that are the path of a route, and others that happen because the path makes them coincide and that is what will happen, so I only want to advance the trajectory  of that path so that you can analyze what will happen:

The place where it houses with greater force the Sun

It will be in the equatorial line where this encounter will especially take place; the equator is precisely on where there are two seasons: wet or winter and dry summer; in metaphoric terms no halftone, there is no room for moderation and will be the site where the home of the Huitzilopochtli deity,  If it had been for the Aztec empire, it might have happened, it would have encompassed that immense space. But this is only a speculation that I raise for you, a wish of the empires that always yearn for more. However, for Erandi, it simply becomes the place that fulfils her visions and astral travels, which she pointed out as:

 «The place where the vastness of the Sun reigns.»

That place where at noon on the equinoxes, the right angle of the sun’s rays on objects does not leave any shadow, is on the equatorial line.

Now, talking about victorious agreements leads us to the one that Dayami will look for through his emissary equipped with the ceremonial conch shell and the awakening of Baraecus, who is known in the province of what is now Orense (Galicia), the territory of the Galicians.

In the area of ​​what we now recognize in the present as Cáceres town, the place where this deity also is closely related to the waters and rivers of that area, where it is also called Revve Anabaraecus.

Intimately related to the initiation ritual for Celtic warriors, both Gallic and Hispanic. For the Celtic world, the transit between the world of the living and the dead occurred through the water. That is to say, for the Celts, the waters, rivers and springs were gates that linked the land of men with the world of the gods.

It was in this way that Zila’s premonitory dream began on this fascinating journey towards the encounter with the deity of the river:

“May the allies and their agreements be the power and strength of your own lineage and find in each evocation the way to unite peoples, despite their great differences ”

Zila was surprised at the evocation and amazed by that request that seemed complex in a world where power and the imposition of force shook immense territories. He limited himself to asking:

-Woman, do you consider this possibility?

The deity of the river warned him with serenity:

“So may Bormanicus, protector of the clan and the house, lord that inhabits the depths of the seas, the one who solves all mysteries and brings them to a good port, he has heard the call for unity of Jacobo, we have a valuable bond of your blood with the pact of name executed by Javier and the ceremonial delivery of the snail with Jacobo, complete the ritual of the initiates with the root of your lineage and keep my name as the giver of this force, Dayami I am and named I have been river deity ”

Zila felt that each of the moments she was living was an extraordinary and undeserved dream and exclaimed:

-Dayami, I am flattered by everything that surrounds us and asked me how it is possible that the lady who protects the Luna knew about me and came in search of me and all my companions, Please explain.

«In the midst of a desolate place sunk in darkness, you cried out for help to your gods, at that moment Erandi, the one who protects the temple of the Moon in her astral journey, discovered a call of anguish so powerful and heartbreaking that she bent her rod and knew that something unknown would come from the area that I now touch and to which I was sent ”

Zila, dismayed, pointed out:

-Dayami, is that way that your journey has connected you with my ancestors?

«Not only yours, but also every one of you, but I  am not clear why Jacobo recognized himself in the ceremonial conch shell when Javier was the one who threw it into the sea, those forces emanate from his roots, his lineage and his traditions and in them, I see and feel what they are and represent for the world that awaits them. «

Finally, he asked why she did not touch his face and head like his companions, and Dayami replied: 

» Do not forget that your blood and mine were mixed in this time close to your death, that waged battle now has joined us, must to happen all that we talked about,  for you and the others; then the  future will be illuminated»

That said faded forming a thread crimson front look dumbfounded at Zila, who shuddered in shock at surprise.

There is a world made of all the distant and near landscapes, that place is called the future and nobody knows it, but everyone works to make it come true under the watchful eye of their own interests, watch what you want and make it happen.

Author´s notes:

Information about the Celtic god of the Galician area

Photographic compositions of the author «Dayami and the shells» with free filter from PicsArt

Por Ariadne Gallardo Figueroa

Escribir es una de las actividades creativas más fascinantes que existe, indagar lo caminos de diferentes versiones, encontrar motivos para acrecentar el cauce de un relato y motivar a la lectura, es agradable para todo el que escribe

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