Who dares to invoke me?

«Very few know your secret name, you are the person who can look behind the mirror, without being seen or heard»

The Messenger

By Ariadne Gallardo Figueroa

«If we knew what all this is about going unnoticed and managing to penetrate under the shadows so that things happen, no one would believe us that it is possible.

But those who can intuit it will not say it, it is too fanciful to be credible and those who have followed up on all this, know that all conspiracy theories are absurd and that the only certainty is that we are part of a network of connections that are immanent to each of the beings that have managed to bond in unique ways. «

With these reflections, Dayami approaches a deep cave in the immensity of those spaces where her security faltered, she had withdrawn from the river to enter unknown terrain and go without being seen to the domain that belonged to a being whose strength and energy had the power to destroy what was in its path.

She as stealth remora observed him closely, he dozed and on each exhalation thousands of bubbles of seawater emerged from his jaws, she did not dare to touch him as she had done with the eight illuminated, she stopped as close as possible and concentrated his energy to reach his mind …

Suddenly a whirlwind began to rise from the depths of the underground cave and Dayami hid behind the slippery rocks by lichens adhered who gently began to sway under the onslaught of a marine deity:

A brave sea observes Dayami

Dayami remained motionless waiting for the intuition of whoever was being awakened to speak. So it was, with a deep and hoarse voice from the hollow of that underground cavity it was heard:

-Who are you that you do not show yourself with your true face, how dare you come to my domain, what reasons bring you to me to invoke me?

Dayami sadly affirmed:

-My face no longer exists, it has vanished into that of others, you could be the only one capable of seeing me the way I have; from the site that I come warriors and navigators that you have started in their efforts will come to loot what we are and impose themselves with what they are; there is a man who knows you and whose blood I can show you, he and his group are destined for a task that moves away from power and conquest, from death and disease, they are apprentices of light.

The deity looked at him with deep eyes and said:

– You, woman,  could be a sorceress who tries to make me fall into their chicanery

To which Dayami pleaded

As I recognize that I am intruding on unfamiliar terrain, Bormanicus, I need your partnership to take to good port; What I say are not tricks, the only way I have to show you the truth, and that you can see, believe me, is by approaching you to show you what only you could understand. My name is Dayami, the deity of the river in the Nahuatl language, I understand Spanish thanks to Zila, the man who has brought me here.

The Celtic deity was silent, swirled in his domain and exclaimed:

-That one you name is your safe conduct, come closer and show me …

Dayami approached the icy depths to the rough body of the deity covered with barnacles and showed the group of initiates in one of their talks around the campfire, deciding together to work together to build their boat; In the same way, he showed him Zila’s face when he fell mortally wounded on one side and the way Dayami found him with his blood.


Finally, showed Javier performing a spell to name him as the man who looks at the blue sky and the moment when Jacobo touched the conch when Bormanicus himself, enraged, stirred the seas.

The Celtic deity shuddered in his cave and said:

-Woman, Dayami you will be remembered for your daring and brave undertaking, what you have shown me is enough, I will dispose of what is within my reach, remember that I protect the house of my people, My assignment is not like yours that you freely navigate without being recognized.

Dayami thanked the kindness of that powerful force that would give him his support and finally acknowledged that there was still a long time to go before the ship was in the coastal waters of Portugal and she promises him would know it.

To dare is to look with hope at what awaits you, to recognize that the fiercest and most portentous can be your best ally and that nothing you do has limits to reach the goal.

Author´s notes:

Photo compositions of the author with free filter from PicsArt

Por Ariadne Gallardo Figueroa

Escribir es una de las actividades creativas más fascinantes que existe, indagar lo caminos de diferentes versiones, encontrar motivos para acrecentar el cauce de un relato y motivar a la lectura, es agradable para todo el que escribe

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