There will always be two versions of the same fact

«Believe in dreams, invent the ideal character, make it as real as only magic could»

The Messenger

By Ariadne Gallardo Figueroa

Everyone sees the reality that surrounds them from their perspective and a few think about the idea that not everything you’ve been told could actually be that way.

But he was also known as a benefactor and creator of islands and only when his warnings were not heeded did he angrily has been sinking his trident, causing earthquakes and shipwrecks.

But he was also known as a benefactor and creator of islands and only when his warnings were not heeded did he angrily sink his trident, causing earthquakes and shipwrecks.

However, the eight enlightened, many of them with ancient roots and legacy among the Greeks, knew what this was all about and understood what had to be done; They knew there was a secret in him and they set out to discover it, in their minds they could not conceive that Poseidon explicitly asked for horse sacrifices and they were not going to be left with the doubt of asking him the question, they would. when Poseidon was face to face at some point during the trip.

Jacobo argued:

-It is the best way to start a conversation, to make an effective call to him by being interested in what he is; I assure you that humans have thought it much fiercer than it is, and they have also attached attributes of aggression that Poseidon possibly does not have.

Diego, staring at Jacobo, affirmed:

-You have the strength of the conch shell and each intonation you emit will let him know your sincere intentions. Zila listened to them attentively, he was aware that if he proposed to, he could transmit to Dayami what his companions shared and of course, this moment was special to let her know a reality that she could not see.

Dayami in the depths of the ocean was able to understand that on many occasions there are two versions of the same event. It should be reflected that the sources of information being diverse are nourished by what gives light to your path, if perhaps you concentrate on feeding that flow with the opinion of others, you will be at the height of the enlightened ones.

We do not escape that vital force and it is in this way that we attract people related to what we believe in; When the magic of balanced thinking covers your days, your philosophy of life and everything you are as a living being immersed in the ocean of experiences will teach you to unlearn or learn something new to evolve.

Anguished Patrick alerted the group that on the fifth day of the crossing the ropes had softened, to the extent that it was not easy to make the tourniquet tighten them, they needed at least a few hours under the ray of the noon sun to dry them or they would fall at the drift.

Jacobo joined both hands and with all the strength he could breathe, emulating the sound of the conch, like that occasion when he calmed the storm, suddenly the back of a humpback whale formed a giant shadow around them, it was visible in the reflects of the sea, its size and power before the brightness of the sun that spattered the sea with its sparkles.

Without warning, he gently lifted them and held them while sailing to give them a chance to dry their mooring ropes. Everyone was watching Zila uneasily, waiting for him to receive news from Dayami, after a few seconds the Celtic man announced:

– Bormanicus says that he will give you a gift, Jacobo, points out that Poseidon could play deaf if with your conch contraption you decide to call him, he also comments that will soon leave us in their domains, there are only 8 moons left and when it disappears on the ninth day, we will thus have the sign that we will be without their support.

Then the humpback whale snorted through the hole that we know as Aventador and threw a beautiful conch shell onto the surface of its barge that surprised everyone and captivated Jacobo, who over the years would protect it with joy and enthusiasm.

There will be no greater happiness in men on the face of the earth than in those who, serving magic, were rewarded for it.

Author´s notes:

Own photo composition with free filter from PicsArt

Por Ariadne Gallardo Figueroa

Escribir es una de las actividades creativas más fascinantes que existe, indagar lo caminos de diferentes versiones, encontrar motivos para acrecentar el cauce de un relato y motivar a la lectura, es agradable para todo el que escribe

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