Erandi’s expectations in the face of an unknown reality

«Knowing the shadow of a reality that you cannot speak of could make you feel a deep pain, but at the same time it could become the most powerful tool»

The Messenger

By Ariadne Gallardo Figueroa

It is perhaps surprising to no one that Erandi is one of the people who carries the most weight and responsibility in everything that happens around her, thanks to her communications with Dayami she knows what awaits her people and has placed her hope entirely in the eight enlightened ones, at the same time she feels the weight and responsibility of her people and her own family, but she cannot speak, cannot anticipate, only prepares strategies to fulfil a difficult task.

We know about Erandi’s partner, we recognize her as the Tlatoani of the Coyolxauhqui temple, but so far we have not revealed his name and neither that of his daughter who will soon begin to walk.

Well, the name of the couple, custodian, confidant and friend of Erandi is Quizari Taiyari, whose meaning in the Nahuatl language is: 

«He who knows about our heart.»

Their little daughter was named Yaocihuatl. 

The meaning of her name was that of a warrior woman:

 «The one who fights for her dreams and ambitions.»

Undoubtedly, her parents hoped to educate her to honour her name and were willing to achieve it. She would have to live moments of great despair and profound changes in the social structure of her people.

Seen in the eyes of the navigators who were about to arrive from the sea, her birth was linked to the water carrier of wisdom and at the same time to the planet of warriors, known to them as Mars; she would be educated to release ties in men and women, who would receive knowledge to be the light in their populations with the view of what can and should be proven. 

The vocational fire was linked to her talent, she did not recognize knowledge as something private, every door could be opened to new options; Yaocihuatl dedicated herself to convincing the Jesuit friars to make copies of every codex that had to be burned to make the true history of her people disappear.

Protective of her values ​​and her roots, she managed to evade death on several occasions; her parents trained her in the sciences and occult arts.

Meanwhile in the open sea …

Let’s go back to the barge built by Patricio, which has already been abandoned by the humpback whale and once again they sail the seas with agility and under their own means, the night arrives to join the list of moons that they list until they meet Poseidon, while that happens, they meet again to celebrate their illuminated gathering under the last quarter of the moon and it is Javier who begins the conversation with a question:

-Evaristo, we know of your gifts as a caretaker and connoisseur of remedies, have you thought about what we are going to do when we meet the woman who guards the moon?

Patricio, who always placed the detail where he put his safety before that of others, pointed out:

-I don’t want to be involved in being the culprit of his death, that would be disastrous.

Looking at him angrily, Evaristo argued:

-You would not be the only one to blame, but from what everyone has told me, we had those spots as children, that’s why the skin on Javier’s face looks like little holes, he didn’t have a mother to tell him that it should not be touched, nor scratched.

Hence the idea that the only one who could harm those people is someone with the curse of those fresh welts or who has touched another with the illness around and has not cut their nails and keeps it there or in one of their wounds.

I think we should keep our distance, especially you, Patrick, I have the intuition that arriving ashore you would be the first to see how you take a woman to bed

Patricio, puzzled, snapped:

-There is no matter that I want more than to quench my body ardours, don’t be hypocrites, you have also kept your desire, I hear all of you snort at night like males in heat, how you dare, of course, I am not the only one, of course not!

Timoteo, who was the one who always tries to unite the group with words of encouragement, pointed out:

-Brothers, calm down, Evaristo is a man with wise knowledge and what he says makes sense; Personally, I think that more than one of us wants to put someone who can be loved to bed and that takes time. Now we are a kind of ambassadors of light and we respond to it, we will be received with special dignities, do not forget it.

They all smiled convinced that their days of being seen as badly bandits were over.

The time will come when your hard-earned wisdom will modify what others think of you and will dignify your person by belonging to a group where your knowledge will encourage great changes.

Author´s notes:

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Por Ariadne Gallardo Figueroa

Escribir es una de las actividades creativas más fascinantes que existe, indagar lo caminos de diferentes versiones, encontrar motivos para acrecentar el cauce de un relato y motivar a la lectura, es agradable para todo el que escribe

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