The elements that surround us are signs

«What can rescue us from all oblivion are the codes, their magic must prevail beyond all of us, symbolism is a tool whose power is centred  on who we are»

The Messenger

By Ariadne Gallardo Figueroa

We enter the In the classroom of Erandi and her apprentices who work with numerical symbols to design symbolic pottery, she addresses one of her disciples:

-You must concentrate, this is not mechanical work, where you throw the rods and grains and everything happens by chance, the tzictli which is an added distraction to your scattered mind.

Ashamed, the young woman abandons her chew gum and takes a deep breath, closing her eyes to work out her task as well as possible while listening to Erandi with her:

-Don’t think about earthly things while you meditate on the spread, the most valuable thing we have is what we know and moves inside and that can leave us and travel to a world that touches that space that we cannot perceive, each one of us manifests their Anxxá in different ways,  finds how she relates to you.

In this way, inside her wooden bowl, the woman throws the rods and seeds …

Aztec numbers

The description is clear for the enlightened ones who can decipher it, to reach them we must analyze how this moment would be seen; Each system of thrown rods resulted in a number, in this case, we clearly see that that number in Nahua is 17, at the bottom of the wooden vessel the number 1 is read, whose location is the magical world or underworld, above the horizon another number one indicates the sunrise from the southeast that only happens in winter; up in the sky possibly Venus.

Taking these data into account, we know that they are waiting for the new Moon to happen, which in the mistic throw does not reveal why if the Sun points to winter, the lunar phase could be unpredictable or who would keep a secret for all of them; According to what they lived in that historical moment, also they determined the value and certainty of each star.

You will not find this method by  Erandi elsewhere, nor can you put it to the test, the reasons for magic are and nothing more needs to be said. The historical-philosophical synchrony belonged to her group and would be part of them until reaching the distant time when the enlightened ones in the vicinity of the century 30th will preserve it as part of an ancestral ritual.

The source of all knowledge, therefore, would have as a starting point, the numbers are given by the ceremonial rods, the star above the temple, the lunar phases, adding the solar calendar date (Xihuitl, 18 months and 20 days with 5 free for reverence and reflection and ritual (Tonalpohualli of 20 months and 13 days); all this would be part of the learning that Zila would have when she met Erandi and would be part of the diversity of designs in ceremonial and daily use vessels; the colours would also give relevance to special dates, but that will be considered later. 

The most important thing is to recognize that they were connected with the magnetism of the stars as until now happens with all those who see in them, both stars, planets and constellations a look at the world where the soul can touch us differently, it is undoubtedly the neural network that unifies us, we just have to know how to understand it.

Possibly many consider that the archetypes given by the Greeks and the Romans are the ones that cover in totality with their influence, but each part of the planet where the spirit flows have been to date its the way of connecting with the stars, Mayans and Aztecs, they were not out of all this vision, the difference with Erandi and his group focuses on the fact that they did not give him anthropomorphic hierarchies, only those that emanate from nature and its relationship with humans.

In another part of the world and in another very distant time from which Erandi lived, the Tarot arose and its power was centred in hierarchies of power; the clergy and monarchs made connections to determine the personality of everyone who read it, but that is another part of the story that we will not touch on here.

When you resort to magic with your naked soul, you can connect with everything that has done with you and thus establish a magical and powerful bond.

Author´s notes:

Tzictli name given to chicle in Nahuatl

Anxxá name of the soul in Nahualt

Por Ariadne Gallardo Figueroa

Escribir es una de las actividades creativas más fascinantes que existe, indagar lo caminos de diferentes versiones, encontrar motivos para acrecentar el cauce de un relato y motivar a la lectura, es agradable para todo el que escribe

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