The ghosts that inhabit your dreams

“Throughout these four books we have realized that there is no valid certainty, only the present moment where you can build or destroy everything to start over; then, just a few ghosts that inhabit your dreams, they existing to guide the next level of evolution, identifying them to convert all on its best version”

The Messenger

By Ariadne Gallardo Figueroa

That morning Patricio who was always were a great deal of pragmatism all woke up screaming and alerted the group:

-I had a terrible nightmare, they have started to think that we could be deceived by a ghost!  If, when we arrive we do not find anything of what we have been promised, what are we going to do?

Jacobo snapped in disgust:

«Are you aware of what you are saying, do you think that my conch is a fake gift or that it fell into my hands by chance?»

Evaristo, who put always the reason first and looked at what was verifiable, pointed out:

-Of everything you talk about, Patricio, I only see fear, fear of what none of us knows and what we could face, it will not be easy, nobody has promised a paradise, we are going to a place that in a short time will be ravaged by the plague where people from these coasts that we have abandoned will be the culprits, we are going to a place where not everyone awaits us with open arms, only the group of Erandi and to reach her we only have Dayami’s guide.

There are no promises, nor an armed destiny, the only certainty that we have and that we could fall it apart is our confidence in finding what we are looking for.

Zila, upon hearing those words, argued:

-It is true, Evaristo is right, I spoke the other day of certainty when we were on the back of the kind humpback whale, that magical moment was enough for me to trust that if everything will play against us, we would be left the resource of light that we now possess and with which we make our way into the unknown.

To doubt is good, but brother Patricio not to the degree of immobilization, or to believe that everything can turn into a nightmare, I sometimes wonder what circumstances allowed us to be the ones that we are in this situation and not others; The only clear thing is that behind all our actions there are traces that made us different and here we are, trusting in what we are beyond our own beliefs, the trust of all of us arises from the friendship we have forged.

Diego with a big smile replied happily:

-If everything went to hell, we would be together to find a way to avoid it and to invent ourselves again, to achieve the dream of the light that now captivates us. We have tasks to fulfil each of us, just remember Patricio, Dayami discovered in you your skills as a builder and on something that you built is that we move towards the unknown, courage !!!

Santiago was looking at them in silence when he raised his voice to say:

«The signs from the sky, those that the sea has given us, are not deceptions; we have felt them, we could be distracted and not understand everything we see but as sure as the day I saved Zila from death, I know that those voices in his head are yours, Dayami, not ghosts, to talk about ghosts we have the people who helped us along the way, the ones who fed us as orphans, even the guard who chose us to be freed from the scaffold where we were waiting for the death by hanging or by the bite of a rat; Patrick, demand from all those ghosts that your dreams do not distract you, that they serve as part of your life learning, feel happy that you had them to see them from afar.

Patricio cried with emotion and thanked his companions for encouraging him in his moments of weakness and uncertainty:

-At another time, they might have shut me up and told me to sleep, but all of you have taken the time to open my eyes, to reflect and realize myself that it is true, we are others, we are the enlightened ones!

When you know that your friends are the ones who weave a new story with you, allow life to flow and be grateful for the opportunity to be alive to be that which you did not think was possible in your existence.}

Author´s notes:

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Por Ariadne Gallardo Figueroa

Escribir es una de las actividades creativas más fascinantes que existe, indagar lo caminos de diferentes versiones, encontrar motivos para acrecentar el cauce de un relato y motivar a la lectura, es agradable para todo el que escribe

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  1. Once, I had some “visions” or dreams, and it was during a difficult time (i.e. work, economics, etc.). Later, I had a talk with my mother, and though I told her nothing, she told me she understood, for what I saw, she saw in her dreams. She said, she told them she knew what they were doing and to go away. They went away. I was dumbfounded how she knew. But one thing I’ve learned from her, don’t make things too big.

    Me gusta

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