Las formas del éter

“The day will come when, in love with his soul, you will make him the image of your dreams, a being so fascinating that he will never be able to recognize himself in himself; he will be in danger of not being able to reflect himself in any mirror and not be what it was for you over time, but the creation you build will be yours alone, based on your unique way of having lived it. ”

The Messenger

By Ariadne Gallardo Figueroa

Every path travelled has its own Own risks and face them is something that we see as a constant in each of the characters in this story; Metztli is already returning from the Otomi lands, who happily lives with the locals of the beautiful Tenochtitlán who offer him Tamales and fruit drinks; She knows that she should not keep Erandi waiting and directs her steps to the temple of the Moon, seeing both they hug tenderly:

«Metztli is received with joy by Erandi»

-Priestess of the Ometeotl temple, I appreciate your patience, I am here With good news, the ceremony fulfilled its promise with the natural laws and has been to be prolonged with joy, at least I know that each of us expects that.

Erandi observes her and with concern, she warns that there will be resounding, unexpected changes that will drastically change much of what they know, she announces that it is good to be alert.

Both women look at each other in dismay at the unknown and Metztli asks:

«Is it Painani?»

Erandi takes a deep breath and points out:

-They have announced to her that she has been intercepted, but she does not perceive it, said entity does not move in spaces where our resonance is easy to capture.

-Is she in danger?

-I don’t know, it will take time to find out. The world is a place that I can travel, that I can look at with my sensitivity, each astral journey shows me what I can perceive and hides from me what is denied or hidden from me, if it were not for the intervention of a third, in everything this, we would never have found out.

Something is true Metztli, we must be proactive, we have accumulated knowledge and wealth, but all triumph is volatile, fortune comes and goes, there will be someone who will offer you what you do not need and you will be able to refuse without great difficulties, Painani knows that and not for lack of interest, but because it would be foolish to fall into certain places and stay there for a long time.

As visionaries I am not afraid that she will respond in the way for which she was educated, all progress is committed to making things happen, our logical mind is in that place, it seems to me that the force that has intercepted her is also there.

She knows perfectly like all of us that we must nurture the connections we have, those that are born from our fundamental roots, with them we strengthen ties with the future and each event integrates and unifies, based on that I trust that force that captured her did it to that end.

It is a mystery not to know what is coming for all of us and at the same time to have the certainty that Dayami left in visions for us,  but none of those images has to bend our work as custodians of the light.

Metztli takes her by the shoulders and claims out:

«Please tell me what Dayami gave them, I want to know.»

Before knowing all this I want you to know that 8 men are guarded by the light, they advance with the help of deities that Dayami convinced, she has become a skilful ambassador, a worthy representative of her position, she has recognized the value of knowing how to live in the middle of death and advance without giving up; they are allies, among them is the man who bent my ceremonial rod.

Having said this, the conversation between them was extended to make known the visions of Dayami, of which we already know. Don´t forget  Metztli, she will have a relevant role as each of the custodians of the Temple of the Moon.

Matriarch Erandi will not cease to be the protector of history, she will deeply love her own spaces, where she can be creative, generating security in the groups to whom she will give her life under the design of the 13 annual moons.

When you are born to serve the light, life can be whatever it is, but you will do what it takes to make it what you need.

Author´s notes:

Photographic composition by the author with free filter by PicsArt «Metztli is received with joy by Erandi»

Por Ariadne Gallardo Figueroa

Escribir es una de las actividades creativas más fascinantes que existe, indagar lo caminos de diferentes versiones, encontrar motivos para acrecentar el cauce de un relato y motivar a la lectura, es agradable para todo el que escribe

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