The jaguar trap

«Each era tells you to what extent the understanding of the whole resides in the language used, the decontextualized words allow us to find what the light reveals in order to be able to project it to a higher plane»

The Messenger

By Ariadne Gallardo Figueroa

So today it is good to reflect on what the messenger said to us yesterday. We can make each character that is created special, in history only some of them are or were real people who crossed paths with the person who writes this story. Taking them to a plane that does not touch reality is essential, making them a unique and fascinating version, in the eyes of the writer and owner of the keyboard, of that creative space where she can build or tear down structures.

In relation to the second message of the messenger that today begins the story, her reference continues to be to the previous text, it would have been very different than Erandi instead of saying:

Erandi takes a deep breath and points out:

-They have announced that she has been intercepted, but she it does not perceive it, said entity does not move in the spaces where the resonance is easy to capture.

She would have said:

Erandi breathes deeply and points out:

-They have announced to her that she is under a powerful spell, which she does not perceive, said entity does not move in the spaces that we do, its magic is different or difficult to understand for our traditions .

If Erandi admits that she belongs to a time established by history that we are all of us and not a being that travels astrally and has managed to penetrate other planes of consciousness, we leave her at that, but that is not what the writer wants. Therefore the Erandi’s language may allow to her certain licenses.

The corridor of the 8 custodians of light

Once this has been clarified, we go to what is presented today before the gaze of the custody of the temple, several moons have passed, they are weeks in which each preparation has been essential for the men and women who form part of the Ometeotl temple they have established a corridor in the caves of Cacahuamilpa, the best space to protect the identity of the eight custodians of light.

Therefore Zila attentive to Dayami’s words informs his companions, she for her part, will take the slope of the Papaloapan her home and residence as a river deity for as long as necessary, however, she will not stop being in contact with all of them, for which Zila warns:

-Dayami has spoken they will come for us the signal will be a man with a ceremonial rod he will be in front of others and he will take us through the corridor of some huge caves, to get to them we will have to advance carefully and cross a mountainous area.

All of them understand that it will not be easy to get there and that their bodies and way of speaking could give them away and fall under the spear of some group of locals, but at last, they breathe air from a jungle area and  all of them wonder about the winged serpent that  Poseidon told to them but they don’t see her anywhere. They wait patiently in the bushes and can eat fruit from some nearby trees, especially oranges.

Evaristo warns:

-We must stay alert, while some of your sleep, others must be vigilant, let’s not let it be just one, if all of us sleep we are lost, let’s take turns four awake and, meanwhile the another four could rest; let’s  spread mud to avoid mosquito bites, or at least soothe the itch.

That happens in Mexican territory, now let’s move away and see what happens in the lands that Hora stepped on and his route to the house of the Sun:

-I wonder what will happen in the days to come if I will have the opportunity to meet some interesting people and maybe perhaps my presentiments as well that I felt, that angel is a woman now I feel it in that way and not another, she is a strong and young lady who is looking for something in these territories and needs to get closer here, therefore, I do not go too far, I must see her, I do not even know if I will be able to understand her, but I need her to know that I am the one who has captured her in my thoughts, but not to harm her, not to control her, something I must learn from her and now I know it clearly, I must teach her something, I will not let her elude me, I will not allow it.

Certainly, something is about to happen, especially to a person as distracted already as Hora, the unexpected may surprise him and it would not be otherwise, he fell hopelessly when he touched the palm leaves that covered the hollow of a pit set up as a trap for jaguars.

From a distance the jaguar that was following him jumped to avoid falling into the same hole as the distracted Hora and ran away; for the first time in a long time, his agile skills and readiness to face danger were clouded by the unpredictable. He was grateful that this trap prevented the claws of that powerful animal from ending his life; He understood that something was not right and tried to quiet his mind by exclaiming:

Master ray,  lightning, I know perfectly well that I cannot die at the hands of another!

There was no answer, Hora arranged small portions of the dried meat that he was carrying and the fruits that he kept, he found that the roots that emerged between the walls of the pit would serve him to place his hammock and willing to wait for better moments he gave himself up to a dream deep and restorative, he understood that when clear and precise ideas do not reach you, it is better to let go, calm the mind and wait for the brilliance of intuition to appear when appropriate.

Each situation has its magic, it projects a different resonance and if you learn to see signs in it you will be able to recover and continue with what you have proposed. 

Author´s notes:

Drawing of the jaguar composition with filter by PicsArt

Por Ariadne Gallardo Figueroa

Escribir es una de las actividades creativas más fascinantes que existe, indagar lo caminos de diferentes versiones, encontrar motivos para acrecentar el cauce de un relato y motivar a la lectura, es agradable para todo el que escribe

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