Are you ready to take on a new challenge? 

«Each of your skills will be put to the test, everything has to move quickly in a terrain that you do not know. I advise you to walk with agility, flow, do not stop the results only appear like this, look around you ”

The Messenger

By Ariadne Gallardo Figueroa

Zila was convinced that his friendship and attachment to Dayami had become his strength and encouragement when he notified his friends that At last, she reached the river, he knew she would not say goodbye and would be close when he or the group needed her. With force he hears her say inside her head:

«Zila, friends, enlightened all, may the  intuition always involves all of  you!»

In each feat that they had performed, each decision was programmed and calculated as a group, they had created a solid team and strengthened by their enormous friendship. Each of them had matured in a way that surprised them, everything they did and felt was a projection of that light that never left their senses and thoughts.

Painani, for her part,  far from everything they experienced, sensed through Erandi that at any moment those men taller than them and with hair on their chests and backs, would be in the lands of their homeland to which they would never return and that she longed with the resignation of someone who knows that for certain characters from her homeland she had died and it was better to let them believe that for the good of the entire clan of enlightened ones.

Her task was not yet finished and in the land where the Sun had a special dwelling, there was much to do, matters of magic that she knew perfectly and that would give context to her adventures, her balance sheet and that of her people to perceive in the Sun the force that it has been and will be.

Something moved her to change course and begin to walk cautiously in an overwhelmingly beautiful terrain of impenetrable jungle, she perceived the danger and measured her steps, she was meditating with all the happy memories of the people who considered and even venerated the Sun and who shown their own rituals, where she sharing with all of them their own feelings about the Sun.

Painani recognized that many moments of her life had been painful and she understood that everything that had damaged her could be transformed into liberating creations; Suddenly she realized that someone was singing in a way that she did not know, in a language that she did not recognize. It was the voice of a human being, a man with a deep,  and nice voice, but everywhere she tried to see him, she couldn’t, so she followed that voice to a pit that was illuminated by the Sun and cautiously peeked out, kneeling and lowering his head, then Hora realized that at last, the moment had come, she was there and exclaimed:

-The Sun has allowed me to be seen by you, I am glad that your step did not come under the gloom of the night to this place!

Painani did not understand any of the words but she realized that they were sweet and emotionally charged, then she understood what was happening, she remembered the shaman who told her that someone had captured her with the thought.

She appeared with a huge smile looking at a man similar to those who came or had already arrived from the sea, with eyes the colour of the sky and suddenly she felt uncertain that some of them had been lost and was in that place by accident, but something into her intuition that told her that this man had not come from the sea, his journey was different. 

When he looked at her he exclaimed:

Negrita, please help me out of this place. Be careful it was the fate of a jaguar but it was not.

She spoke in Nahuatl so that he would understand that she understood absolutely nothing of what he was saying, stretching out her hand for him to do something, in the same way, she indicated that the tip of the hammock would be a good resource to help him get out of his strange prison.

Once the custodian of the lightning was free from his comfortable prison where he could meditate and imagine magical structures where life flowed especially, he thanked with reverence and touching his chest indicated his name:

-I am Hora for the benefit of my parrot friend, the custodian and protector of the Lightning by the fortune of the universe and named cricket-man by inhabitants bari of the Catatumbo river area; but you can just tell me, Hora.

Faced with such a spectacular presentation, the words that remained in Painani’s mind were that he could name him Hora, so he responded with another bow to say:

-Hora, touching her chest, she indicated, Painani.

Hora, that he was not going to stay at that, he extended his arms to the sky and asked his custodian and protector to give him the necessary agility to speak with the woman to whom he would make a surprising proposal, so using a rod he requests to her who wrote letters of her language and gave sound to each one of them and of course before night fell she could already understand with the woman she had considered an angel, then with total certainty that it was time to To make his statement, he looked at her seriously and decreed:

«Painani of the temple of the moon and custody of solar honours, I will make an experience of a year of your life in 13»

Painani with a smile answered surprised:

-If every year has thirteen moons, I think they will be the most fun and creative I will ever have, I accept with pleasure. She, the moon, whom I know as Coyolxauhqui, never shows us the same face, but she always has to look us straight ahead, let us entrust our friendship to her reflection.

Both with a pleasant smile will start a journey where there were no special plans, only the desire to share who they were.

If life puts you before the possibility of starting a new relationship with whoever decides to do what is in their power to achieve it, do not overthink it, life is today.

Author´s notes:

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Por Ariadne Gallardo Figueroa

Escribir es una de las actividades creativas más fascinantes que existe, indagar lo caminos de diferentes versiones, encontrar motivos para acrecentar el cauce de un relato y motivar a la lectura, es agradable para todo el que escribe

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