The Sun doesn´t hide anything

”Every curious mind inquires, communicates and seeks that its interlocutor does the same; the past is presented for analysis of the present, look at your roots and from there launch whatever you want the universe to adopt as its own «

The Messenger

By Ariadne Gallardo Figueroa

That morning under the stubborn and tenacious shine of the Sun’s rays Painani started the area where her ritual would be accompanied by the symbols of her cultural roots and she addressed the daring companion who now turned her days into something entertaining and different:

-Dear Hora I have to walk to the area where the message of the Sun vibrates intensely, that For me he represents Tonatiuh, I must know some mysteries that only he will take off and I want you to be my special guest.

From the comfort zone where I lived and nurtured my childhood, there is practically nothing left for which I must return, but I will honour what I learned and what I am.

Hora took her hands and locked them in his at the moment he said:

-All traumatic experience arises an unstoppable force that urges us to create and demonstrate that life has put us to the test, it is like rising from the ashes, returning to the world. of ideas and facts. In the plane where you are looking for what is just and true, there will be those who offer you a kind love, but many times it will be flooded with the needs that that being has to complete itself, there will always be two sides of the same coin.

Painani stared at him and found in the voice of that man who sometimes changed words giving another meaning to the sentence, but for some reason, she understood his effort to make himself understood and in the intention of his words he completed the context of what she needed to acknowledge.

At that moment he moved back and removed all his clothes and looked at her naked in the front, she was surprised, she did not expect such a reaction and she put her hands to her mouth to cover her astonishment and a little her laugh at the crazy spectacle when she heard him say:

«He who appears before you naked will show that he has nothing but his sincerity and courage and will be the only thing he has to give you.»

That is me, from the front like the face of the moon but before the total presence of the Sun that falls on my naked body and thus does not hide anything at all.

Of course, I accept the honourable invitation to accompany you and be presented to the dignities of your people. I came to the world naked, I presented myself before you naked and I will leave in the same way, when the lightning decides.

Harmony and cooperation are reserved for very few people who meet for work or the ritual of something they believe in, if you look at the horizon you will see it clearly: Look around you right now, there is no one, we are the two humans alone in this jungle space. 

Happiness is not complicated, it is not total, it is not forever, but it exists; Follow your intuition as up to now and let it be the torch that illuminates your search, in the same way, that we discovered the scorpion, we will discover much more in the future.

Among the yearnings for wealth, there are the beings that move by power and right now before the sun I do not see that intention in you, you are noble and dedicated to your millennial work, a visionary power accompanies you and I will witness their advice.

Both held hands and joyfully advanced through the spaces where the power of the Sun vibrated until Painani stopped and pointed out with her ceremonial rod the exact place to start her magical ritual.

She remained crouched touching the earth with both hands and urged her partner Hora to do the same when she said:

-Erandi is my tutor and is the custodian of the temple of the moon, she has sent me saving me from certain death, she knew of your energy, I told her that someone was following me and I could not perceive it, there is a relationship between you and my ancient stone that was given to me in the lands of a town called Chichén Itzá where the wise observers of the sky live. Ek Balam is the name of the person who gave me the stone and means the Star of the Jaguar:

Painani shows Hora the stone heaven

Let´s remember this passage:

The observer from the sky named Ek Balam offered her a small gift to will remember it despite the distance, something that she would keep with affection. These were the words that the skywatcher told her:

“All beings on the planet are skywatchers, each star has a life span and is wonderfully different from human time, remember that every moment you live creating and dreaming, A star will watch over you and will want to know about your intelligence and daring, as much as you about its energy and infinite presence during your life. Let the piece of the sky be your company and the minimal presence of a star to always accompany you ” 

Hora observed with attention and understood that his arrival at the jaguar’s trap was not a coincidence and that everything had been arranged for him to meet with her and he felt happy that out of that way and manifested it to the woman he affectionately called Negrita, analyzing the stone that she showed him, he pointed out:

-The stones that fall from the sky are valuable elements, they help us to connect with other dimensions and with what we project and in the same way, They do it with what we feel for others. Let’s wait for the message from your custody, she should know about me and I about her.

Both of them calmed their minds and remained under the shelter of the Sun and its strength to receive the magic that would connect them with the world to which they arrived serene and in search of a force that they already had and would send to the universe.

When someone comes into your life and for many reasons you know they must be, there will be countless signs that will tell you so clearly.

Author’s notes: 

You can check the passage mentioned in the full post here:

Photographic composition of the author with a free PicsArt filter: «Painani shows Hora the stone of heaven»

Por Ariadne Gallardo Figueroa

Escribir es una de las actividades creativas más fascinantes que existe, indagar lo caminos de diferentes versiones, encontrar motivos para acrecentar el cauce de un relato y motivar a la lectura, es agradable para todo el que escribe

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