The Offering

“Each of us in life has his own experiences, there are those who turn them into literary resources, others cannot see them outside of their own beliefs and may fall into the danger of prejudging what they face; there are also those who know perfectly what it is about and qualify it in the right sensory measure «

The Messenger

By Ariadne Gallardo Figueroa

That beautiful formation of limestone lands of the Cretaceous with an approximate extension of 2 kilometres in length, and whose name comes from Nahuatl means » On the sown de cacao ”surprised the men who came from distant lands that night in a mysterious way. 

Cacahuamilpa being a place of worship to the deities and dedicated by the ancestral inhabitants to mystical ceremonies, would leave a gratifying mark on each of the 8 enlightened ones; Of course, each one of them would see the experience uniquely and differently, they would place the sieve of their own culture and their own fears of what they experienced.

Diego woke up with a heartrending scream that he tried to drown when he perceived the echo that his words caused in that place of great resonance:

«There are demons, they are bewitching us!»

Patricio, a little confused, replied:

-I couldn’t see her face no matter how hard I tried …

Evaristo, who was always very analytical, asked:

-Would it be the same person?

Javier, who was a mature man, as we know the oldest of all, simply showed a complacent smile and said:

-I hope not, I would hate the fact of sharing her.

Santiago, whom we recognize as the most distrustful of all, warned:

-I refuse to think that they are demons, I don’t think so Diego, they must be some kind of angels or happy spirits that inhabit these caves; the sweet tenderness of their gentle ways, I don’t know, unless each of us has had different experiences, I’m a bit confused.

In large part, because I doubt that such wonderful beings exist in real life, their visit was like the long-awaited gift to a needed already in all of us.

Evaristo answered ashamed:

-I agree with you, Santiago, the mere fact that we were carried away without resisting some of us made us feel inside a sinful act.

Diego nodded and hid his face in his hands.

Javier, who never thought that in his maturity he would feel such a gratifying sensation again, send an argument for the whole group with joy:

-Maybe we should analyze that what we live now can´t be something dirty and evil, possibly it is the way they show that we are welcome.

Jacobo, somewhat blushing, pointed out: 

«I still don’t understand why we can’t see their faces, but I assure you that I would pounce on her if I could at least recognize her at some point.»

Timoteo with a great laugh and raising his arms exclaimed:

«Damn shitty loneliness, maybe we breathe something that lives in these caves and our imagination has played a trick on us!»

At that moment, Zila, who had been listening to them in silence, broke the silence:

-I had a bad experience at first, it occurred to me to ask if Dayami was the spirit whose body I felt above me.

The seven friends turned to see him amazed and expectant of what he was about to tell them, especially because Zila’s gaze was one of confusion and shame:

– Then suddenly the apparition or whatever it was that visited me withdrew.

They all exclaimed an ahhh! in unison, saddened that his friend Zila had not enjoyed that strange and fascinating gift when Zila raised his hand in a gesture of ey! I have not finished yet, they all looked at him waiting for his words:

-Then Dayami´s voice came to my head and she told me:

» Zila accepts the offering, I definitely cannot be present, it is not appropriate for a deity to be involved in human affairs, there are rules that I cannot break and announcements that I cannot reveal.»

After commenting on this with some consternation pointed out:

-A short time later an entity or spiritual formation came to me, taking me by the hands, waiting to know if I was willing to accept her and the rest of you all know, it was great.

These events take place the same night as in Ecuadorian land when  Hora with the torch searches and discovers the scorpion as the power animal of the moon in those moments, whose message is none other than transformation and transmutation and indicates the moment to think positively.

Let us return to the morning in which men celebrate and are amazed at their experience in foreign lands when, honouring her name, Erandi heads towards the Ometeotl temple at dawn and is received by several initiates whom she observes and addresses each one of them, in the centre of the room, she observes a ceremonial clay pot, and she touches it with both hands and makes a statement before the entire group of women who are there, 8 maidens who look at her with a splendid smile.

The offering reflects all that you are 

The priestess of the temple raises a hand to the moment turns on her heel and notes on the threshold of that room a man with a ceremonial staff who she urges to follow the next path to the group of illuminates,  accompanied to the Cacahuamilpa caves with other men.

The man with a reverence retires to fulfil his task, with his back he listens to Erandi exclaim to her initiates:

The offering was received with pleasure, I wish you good luck and happiness our seal has been decreed.

When you receive an unexpected gift you will soon realize that the universe makes pacts that only light knows.

Author´s notes:

Photo composition of the author: “The offering reflects all that you are”

Por Ariadne Gallardo Figueroa

Escribir es una de las actividades creativas más fascinantes que existe, indagar lo caminos de diferentes versiones, encontrar motivos para acrecentar el cauce de un relato y motivar a la lectura, es agradable para todo el que escribe

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