The inner journey to the fire

You will not be able to escape from your past but you will ensure that it does not harm others and does not harm what you live in the present. At least you will try, you will be aware.

“You know perfectly well that hell does not exist but it inhabits you, it is your fears, blocks, frustrations; Destroying them will take you to the next step towards Mictlán, the process involves burning them in a creative fire ”

The Messenger

By Ariadne Gallardo Figueroa

Travelling to the next stage of Mictlán accompanied by of all them, allowed Dayami to relive the pain of her death and how she was able to rebuild herself of nowhere, this would be part of the teaching for the enlightened ones.

That fire or amber light that positively involved them, faded but each one felt that they had managed to comfort themselves, for an instant, they realized that they were not alone since the despair that they lived long ago in the dungeons where they were attacked by rats.

They realized that that night they would sleep meditating that the light would appear at will, despite recognizing that it would not be easy to keep it alive for long, their nightmares surfaced and their memories would be shattered again.

Dayami tried to invade them with a sonic balm to quiet their minds minutes before she told Zila, today we managed to advance in this journey, tomorrow I will return to continue.

In this way, she appeared on time on the second day, perhaps more difficult than the first:

Looking at their inner mirror and retracing what they had travelled was not the same for everyone, they had to conquer freedom with the tools they had chosen to be part of the enlightened circle, their strength was in that space where they left pain to create a new horizon.

Dayami showed each of the places they had never seen before, places where human beings were working with magical forces and sensory elements. She put in their minds situations that did not depend totally on her, because they were part of their own experiences in the past, in this way they could verify that the man in front of the mirror that each one of them was, had the distorted image in another reality that appeared as a possibility. It made them wonder:

 How far are you what you were and where do you stop being what you see? 

Each answer is unique and belongs only to them, the most important of all is that it was the same question she asked herself when she found herself floating like an amorphous and imprecise stain in that torrent of the Papaloapan River.

As much as Erandi had trained them to perform magic, to develop in specific activities, to have the courage not to deviate; none of the ascended or those enlightened on that tortuous path would know it until they were fully involved in it.

Again Dayami, through Zila, sent the following message to the other companions:

“Each of you will have to choose a camouflage of power to make your way towards the light, do not hurry, those who will surround you and those who formed part of their experiences will tell you what it should be and be aware that there can be many at the same time ”

No one is so strong to face their monsters, each one of us has walked in front of powerful enemies and our mental strength is the only thing we have to follow. There is no method, only the will; there are no enchantments either, there is simply our notion of magic. 

The enlightened ones observed before them a mirror that appeared in the centre of the circle that they formed and the figure of a being unknown to all of them, appeared from the mist, Dayami announced that it was Tezcatlipoca, “The smoking mirror”

Tezcatlipoca, the one who is everywhere and watches you with the obsidian mirror

Dayami followed in their heads issuing messages and explaining that everything you carry in your mind can be an echo in that of others and in this way your wishes are fulfilled or you will be mortified by what no longer exists and is left behind.

Finally, she asked each of them to prepare for the third day by placing in their imagination the reflection of what each of them kept as a being or a very appreciated good that they would never see anymore, that would be the element to transform in the days to follow.

You will not be able to escape from your past but you will ensure that it does not harm others and does not harm what you live in the present. At least you will try, you will be aware.

Author´s notes:

Mexican crafts and mythology, Pinterest: Texcatlipoca (Remember it at Ana Pérez Riv’s house in the book: “The bridge and the beginnings”)

Autor: Ariadne Gallardo Figueroa

Escribir es una de las actividades creativas más fascinantes que existe, indagar lo caminos de diferentes versiones, encontrar motivos para acrecentar el cauce de un relato y motivar a la lectura, es agradable para todo el que escribe


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