Healing water

Not all of us respond the same to the pain of loss, but we know that for some reason we stay in the world and it is up to us and our will to make the world a better place to live.

“You go from the surface to the dark bottom of all your fears, on the third level towards Mictlán, you will know how difficult it is to escape from what hurts, from everything that had no solution”

The Messenger

By Ariadne Gallardo Figueroa

They spent a quiet day meditating in what Dayami had asked them, to think about all those great loves, the people who crossed their lives to leave them a lesson and who they never heard from again.

Most of the enlightened ones were aware that the unresolved pain had been extinguished with mead or beer to forget about sadness or everything that they had not managed to solve in their lives, to avoid or justify their aggressive or depressive behaviour, to forget and to continue as it was in those situations that broke their souls, getting drunk had been a good solution.

Their memories came from the disastrous acts that they carried out, the aberrations they observed in a world ruled by the power of the spear, the men who killed in cold blood because they were not from the clan to steal food from them.

The death of their families in burning villages among the flames from which they had to escape wounded and heal as they could, they reminded their loves violated in battle, pierced by spears in territory invaded by those who prevented them from returning to their territories dignified as human within their rituals and traditions.

In the afternoon after the long silences that day they lived, since the indication was to remember but not share the memories,  keep them present in their mind to descend to the third level of Mictlán. They were eager for the announcement of the arrival of the river deity.

Just as on the other occasions, Dayami came to Zila’s mind, who asked them to join their hands again in a circle and asked each of them:

“What did you want more in the moments when you remembered so much pain?”

Without great differences, most of them had had a tremendous desire to get drunk, to brutalize their minds so as not to think about all that which made them angry and made them feel useless, powerless in the face of a reality that they did not want and that they had to live with.

Dayami reminded them of the times they lived on the coasts of Portugal when they began to drink water from those streams and asked them if they understood how they left behind their desire to forget and the desire to get drunk.

They all attributed it to the peace of the landscape, to the camaraderie they had achieved, they also had no way of producing their beer otherwise Evaristo might have done it to share it, but it was not like that.

Evaristo with a flash in his mind exclaimed:

-The water was enchanted by the magical substance of Dayami!

To which she replied:

-Even without proposing me, I was trying, by all means, to recognize you understand you, see in each mind of you what made you are different, it is possible, it could happen that way, of course, and she continued talking now it is not water but I managed to get you to sleep evoking a sound that everyone perceived.

Now let’s go down to the third circle of Mictlán, each one of us will see what we lost, including me; the immense pain of my death, in my case the moment when I was placed on the stone of sacrifices.

So let’s see all that pain with the look that is not in the eyes of reality and let’s try to strip ourselves of what we have been as far as possible, look for that sound that will be floating for everyone and reconstruct the painful past in another way.

Desiring must obey the will of each one of you, to make something happen we must wish it as something real. We have all lost the way to reach someone we cared about, what we have left of them are the details that they shared with us, all those simple things that were in front of us.

There are two ways: leave them intact or wrap them in delicate gifts to throw them into the future, all of them can be living teachings, training for other enlightened ones, remember that the path to light is made up of darkness.

It was at that moment that they all felt their bodies in dense sands, they were hopelessly sinking into heavy thoughts of discouragement and their task to follow Dayami’s sound was complicated and tortuous, although she did not say anything she also suffered the journey with deep pain.

Not all of us respond the same to the pain of loss, but we know that for some reason we stay in the world and it is up to us and our will to make the world a better place to live.

Author´s notes:

Photo by Anni Roenkae on Pexels.com

Autor: Ariadne Gallardo Figueroa

Escribir es una de las actividades creativas más fascinantes que existe, indagar lo caminos de diferentes versiones, encontrar motivos para acrecentar el cauce de un relato y motivar a la lectura, es agradable para todo el que escribe


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