Valis, show up!

Now they had tools that identified them, with them they would descend strengthened to the next level of Mictlán.

“Everything you have built vibrates in your memories, now invoke them, look for those renewable elements, all those that can be transformed, today is the fourth day descending towards the deep and dark Mictlán, there is an element that will become your strength, recognize it!”

El Mensajero

By Ariadne Gallardo Figueroa

Dayami addressed them the following words: 

“In life, we ​​have created paths so that others can travel them, they are places inherited to the future, paths with different crops and varied constructions, nobody leaves the world of the living without leaving teaching with some sign that represents it.

You have chosen what you have to use to walk the path that the light demands and with which you have to give back to the world. They have been endowed with an appointment and must honour it. “

These were the words with which they began the path to a deeper level of their hells, to the encounter with their interior, that place from which they do not want to know anything because it has ceased to be and they do not know how to make it return.

But each of them had inherited a unique power and it is from there that their gifts and abilities had been enhanced is what Dayami saw in them, her closeness with Zila was deeper for which she exclaimed:

-Zila, look who you are. hold out your hand, who gives you peace make appear in your mind and tell us all your feelings towards that powerful being Valis.

Zila tightened her grip on the hands of her companions and pointed out with enthusiasm:

-Valis is my history, everything I am and what I have been, it is the mother of my tradition and the custodian of my deepest longings.

With each word in the centre of the circle, a huge formation was observed, which little by little became a defined and powerful figure, the body of a whale, in that way each of their companions understood the meaning of Valis and knew that it was what they were to invoke.

Without stopping, the next was Patricio, filling his lungs with air, gave himself the strength to invoke a fascinating forest, which he described as follows:

-The trees of the region where I was happiest, whispering in my senses, were my hiding place, my joy and freedom, the house of winged beings that sang for me and helped me dream, the trees that inspired me to build a barge that became the Ray of Hope; Before the eyes of the enlightened ones in the centre a beautiful forest was formed.

Javier, whom we all know would be one of the first ascended of the group, remembered his love of drawing on the sand when he was little and the way he macerated the leaves of the flowers to make dyes, it was a memory that he had forgotten and that he remembered with joy. Likewise, something related to that moment appeared before his companions when he exclaimed:

-Each element of natural life has a force for me, I must leave it in my mind or turn it into a symbol to remember someone, with great emotion he evoked the day his mother gave him a clover and said: “Look what nature is capable of, you are nature, don’t forget it”

The clover was fading before the eyes of all the enlightened ones at the moment that Evaristo took his turn to address everyone else saying:

-There are no mysteries in the powers of fruits and plants, what we eat heals us or kills us or makes us sick, I can touch their strength, somehow I know that they are medicine that speaks to me, that put used to do good.

Then the guava trees that had helped them on their way to the light appeared before their eyes in the centre of the circle.

Jacobo acknowledged that what encouraged him the most was being able to summon others, make them participate in the matters that he considered his workforce, as a team and pointed out:

-I like to make the call and I have been fortunate that Bormanicus gave me a fascinating conch shell, with I managed to meet the friendly Poseidon like everyone else. Everyone smiled when they saw the presence of the ceremonial conch in front of the magic circle. 

Immediately Timoteo, whom we recognize as the group’s conciliator, cleared his voice to invoke what he considered the harvest that had fed him to grow:

-I knew that nothing was as I thought it, life showed me a face that did not deserve it, but that taught me to see that the groups that always fight do so because they feel stronger than others.

In the image they observed, there was a boy who had shared his bread with three others who had looked at him hungrily and Dayami recalled to everyone what she had said when she met him:

-Timoteo remember that your love for life is your strength.

His turn came for Diego, who was recognized by all as the most intuitive and had quality as a fisherman remembering that he would become a fisher of souls and fish.

In the middle of the circle that the 8 companions had formed, they saw two fish appear, one swimming to the right and the other to the left, little by little it was fading.

When it was his turn for Santiago, he remembered the moment when he did not think of anything other than to save Zila and he jumped into the sea desperately until he found him and, passed out, raised him with great effort to the surface. He saw something in him that prompted him to do so, but above all Zila had won the love of all of them, then he acknowledged:

-Without Zila what we now live we would not be experiencing, I do not know how each of us managed to identify ourselves but all of us are creators of a new way of seeing the world.

Now they had tools that identified them, with them they would descend strengthened to the next level of Mictlán.

Author’s Notes:

Photo by Felix Mittermeier on

Archive compositions with PicsArt filter The constellation of the Whale from the Star Walk 2 app

Autor: Ariadne Gallardo Figueroa

Escribir es una de las actividades creativas más fascinantes que existe, indagar lo caminos de diferentes versiones, encontrar motivos para acrecentar el cauce de un relato y motivar a la lectura, es agradable para todo el que escribe


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