Embarking into infinity

“As above is below, every archetype created in your time involves a mystery, you will have to know what is here, which is the reflection of there”

The Messenger

By Ariadne Gallardo Figueroa

For each one of the enlightened, the concept of the circle had become a basic element, now through that place, they would have to embark on a trip to the special place where Erandi’s help would be needed, she could make astral travel, therefore, she will coordinate the trip to infinity for all of them.

From the esplanade of the temple dedicated to the deity Coyolxauhqui, she felt a special force when he discovered that the trip to Mictlán had produced valuable fruits for the newcomers on their way to the light. 

Therefore, Erandi prepared essential elements, and lit a ceremonial fire to integrate with them in that world “where you are and where you stop being”; everything and nothing will be reflected in the middle of the circle that night.

Erandi, far from them but penetrated in that unique journey that she especially knew how to do, raising her arms she would try to reach them through her power totem that would be present in the middle of the magic circle. 

When Dayami gathered the men who, holding hands, were willing to descend to the eighth level of Mictlán; A blinding light appeared in the centre of the circle and was taking shape until they all saw a white eagle in the centre:

Erandi’s power totem

The white eagle, aware of the cycles of the Moon and the Sun, was Erandi’s power totem, her task, to enlighten others To see the problems from a considerable height so as not to get involved and to be objective when giving solutions, to fly as high as possible and to find oneself between infinity and the earth; attributes of all of the beings of light and givers of self-healing.

In this way he appeared before them, illuminating the space where they touched and were united by their hands, then they went to the next level of the underworld.

Erandi spoke in Nahua and Dayami repeated in Spanish:

“Every root is one with the others, new times must come where others will give names to what we know and understand, will form schools and distort the fundamental idea in beliefs and values ​​associated with their worldly and earthly needs. Your task will be to preserve unity, not everything will be in your hands but it depends on your strength that future generations do not deviate “

The eagle in the centre of the circle flapped and the light that gave off its wings attracted each one of them at the moment it exclaimed:

What you do not know makes you blind to understand!

At the moment the 8 illuminated with Dayami and Erandi were one on the wings of a trip where they managed to see from the heights the world that surrounded them, they observed the rivers whose channel shone under the moonlight, the sea through which they had passed, they observed the shores of that territory that now welcomed everyone in a special way.

Erandi spoke again through Dayami:

“Beyond to be a  privilege, it is a journey of the ground that they have to tread and where their work will be fundamental, we do not know everything that surrounds us, but we understand that we can influence  what we do”

Each one of them understood the powerful force of knowing what others could not see and felt the privilege and at the same time the awesome force of a gigantic responsibility.

Finally, she took them to the heights where the eagle reaches in its flight and told them:

“Attend to your dreams, each one of them will give you a vision of the possibilities that you will find in the known and unknown space; there are symbolic patterns that belong to all living beings, even when they do not identify with all of you,  and that is their task, to teach them to understand their meaning and focus on the result. “

Erandi then began the descent from that place to which she constantly travelled, for the enlightened and Dayami was a fascinating visual gift, many say that this trip had a special influence on the men who lived afterwards, wishing to connect with the splendid panorama at the observe the sky like birds and that to date has been a common feeling in all humans, to fly higher to the point of looking at planet Earth from orbit.

What you want has been wanted by others many hundreds of years ago, focus on wishing what is good for each of those around you.

Author’s notes: 

Stock Photography White Eagle, Erandi’s totem 

Dayami’s Let us remember that the colour is red and Erandi’s blue, both mixed tones produce magenta, that is why the tone of his statements on this day is that.

Autor: Ariadne Gallardo Figueroa

Escribir es una de las actividades creativas más fascinantes que existe, indagar lo caminos de diferentes versiones, encontrar motivos para acrecentar el cauce de un relato y motivar a la lectura, es agradable para todo el que escribe

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