Say goodbye to all the shadows

Some schools train you with skills and strengths, the enlightened received that day one of the most important resources to defend themselves in the life that they now possessed.

“Every entity linked to your ideas will try to tie you to known objects and beings; he takes distance from his vital force to promote and create changes, that is the final task of the journey. ”

The Messenger

By Ariadne Gallardo Figueroa

All the men were extremely exhausted, Dayami indicated to Zila where to go at night to meet the bushes of cacao, a plant native to that territory and unknown to them, told him that with its fruits they regained the strength to give them to Evaristo to make a drink.

The name “cacao” derives from the Nahuatl word cacahuatl, which means “bitter juice”, and “chocolate” whose word is Xocolatl, appreciated as a restorative to give strength, treat fatigue and exhaustion. That afternoon would be wisely prepared by Evaristo:

 With the cacahuatl fruits, Evaristo prepared Xocolatl.

All of them felt an inner force and a body heat them, the drink was bitter but tasty and would help them emerge from the ninth level of Mictlán that night.

Ready to pass the hard proof to which the eight enlightened ones would be exposed, they waited for Dayami’s arrival to begin the ritual that would seal the last level of the Aztec underworld and strengthen them on their way to the light.

Dayami when she felt that they were united by their hands and ready to start the journey exclaimed:

“No one will be able to leave here if their path is not defined, the goodbye must be resounding and definitive, we will leave behind all the shadows and their ties! “

In the centre of the circle, he showed them the instruments that each of them had chosen to conserve their burdens, they were not their scars, but symbols that culturally bound and defined them:

The bow and arrow, the ears of wheat, the roads with crossroads, the keys to places that they would never see and open again, those faces that had defined their feelings and she realized that she appeared with her memories in the centre of the circle, her sisters, the terror on their faces when they announced that they would wear the ceremonial flute before being sacrificed.

Then Evaristo heard inside his head: 

-Look for clarity to follow the chosen path.

Patricio also heard something addressed to him:

-Reform, build, continue, don’t stop …

Diego heard what that voice had to say:

-The water is your instrument, connect what you intuit in it.

For Santiago it was the message that only he heard like the others:

-Make your stake in each living test, the symbols are your skill in them you will live to see the path.

Timoteo was the next to listen: 

-Advance your destiny you have already defined it, it is not a person, they are those who will see it and will learn it from you.

Javier was the following:

-You recognized what the deities have achieved, do not look for the best, find perfection in you.

Jacobo was the one who now heard that voice that no one could define who it was: 

-Being born from zero is a complex matter, nothing of what was will be.

A Dayami was awarded the next turn to hear the message:

-You crashed all the schemes known and your freedom is the extent of your essence for today and forever.

Finally, he spoke with Zila:

-Making that different resolutions are fulfilled will mark your destiny.

Dayami spoke to them again:

This is how the deity of the precious feathers and the attributes who travel the earth and can fly through the air, Quetzalcoatl has spoken to us, your advice will be a gift for each one of us.

Quetzalcoatl spoke with each one of them.

Finally, she reminded them.

Not all of us will rise to the surface at the same time, the first of us to arrive, do not try to wake up your companions, it is dangerous, each one will have a difficult process to face, detaching yourself forever from everything that you was being, is not easy.

The majority felt great despair through their body, they did not know how to do what they had been asked and did not want to be trapped in the underworld forever, they finally recognized that the journey in physical form had already been done and now the horizon, the fruits, hope was set on a threshold where every teaching from the first to the ninth level of the underworld had shown them, they were lucky to be led by magic, it would never leave them and it would be their most precious instrument.

Some schools train you with skills and strengths, the enlightened received that day one of the most important resources to defend themselves in the life that they now possessed.

Author´s note:

Stock photography of cacao plant
Image of Quetzalcóatl based on a painting by Uriel Hidalgo with free filter by PicsArt

Autor: Ariadne Gallardo Figueroa

Escribir es una de las actividades creativas más fascinantes que existe, indagar lo caminos de diferentes versiones, encontrar motivos para acrecentar el cauce de un relato y motivar a la lectura, es agradable para todo el que escribe


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