Today you will know your limits

Life has limits and death is one of them, sometimes understanding that you cannot go any further is raw reality, inevitable and real.

“They say that nature is wise, it also has its own rules and moves with a dynamic that will not always be in favour of humans, it can be cruel when you least expect it and decisive when it decides that a cycle has to end., you can do nothing unless magic accompanies you on the journey, possibly so you can make a difference ”

The Messenger

Painani and Hora lived under the effects of the new moon and recognized in their strength that changes would come that they would have to accept, in no time. They realized that the drastic moment they would live and that would make them recognize their limits, especially as a couple, not as individuals within the world that saw them learn and grow during the experiences.

It was thus that sunny morning Hora entered the lagoon that was near the palm hut that they had been built to share life, Painani distractedly preparing utensils for food when she heard that the waters in the peaceful lagoon were stirring violently, When she turned her gaze to observe what was happening, she realized that her man was surrounded by a large snake, she was holding him immobile in the water and the man was trying, by all means, to get rid of that enormous force.

Deftly she took her flint knife and ran to reach it and nail the weapon to the snake, but she was surprised when her path to enter the water was impeded by a bolt of lightning that appeared out of nowhere and planted in front of her feet on the edge of the pond, the woman fell backwards and the knife flew overhead until it was lost in the nearby bushes.

She immediately realized that it was not a matter where she could intervene and she just watched what would happen, suppressing her desire to scream in desperation.

Hora,  was able to liberate his arms from the snake and raised them in search of answers from his custodian and protector the powerful  lightning … A few minutes passed before the lightning appeared again pointing to a nearby branch and with a single impact the wood dropped into the lagoon when that log arrived near Hora, he was able to place the snake on that strong branch that floated in the water and pointed out:

-May our lives, lady snake, unity in the face of despair, may both in their differences be the reason to celebrate a new moment in the teachings that I will give to my beloved, today we have both understood that there will be situations where we will not be of help to each other and for my part, I understand that in your jaws, lady Snake, I don’t have to finish my days.

Looking up he said:

I appreciate your signal lord of the electrifying light, somehow you defended the lives of the three involved at this moment, I understand that the snake is the symbol that I will be able to deliver to the month that is about to begin and its strength must shine in the spaces that I do not know and that is in the world of the stars that illuminate our nights and that remain there even when the sun prevents us from seeing them.

Today we know that each culture observed from its special perspective and way of seeing things a snake in the high sky, the constellation of Ophiuchus and that this is to a fortunate coincidence, by his part  Hora and his mystical relationship with lightning would have reasons to appoint the serpent as the representative of the following month and with this, he would again seal his promise to give his beloved one year turned into thirteen fabulous and enriching teachings.

Let us remember the exact phrase that he says to Painani when he met her:

“I will turn one year of your life into an experience in 13”

Life has limits and death is one of them, sometimes understanding that you cannot go any further is raw reality, inevitable and real.

Author´s notes

 Till  Credner

Photography of the constellation Ophiuchus, the serpent bearer

Autor: Ariadne Gallardo Figueroa

Escribir es una de las actividades creativas más fascinantes que existe, indagar lo caminos de diferentes versiones, encontrar motivos para acrecentar el cauce de un relato y motivar a la lectura, es agradable para todo el que escribe


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