The Celestial Symphony (Reflection)

Every symphony orchestra requires coordination, will and discipline, but let us see each human being as part of the whole and at the same time as in charge of an instrument to share with humanity with a great harmony

“Each moment consists of different energies, take advantage of them in the best way; then rise above all problems, move away and analyze what you see clearly from above, there is the answer to your question “

The Messenger

By Ariadne Gallardo Figueroa

Let us remember the words said to Painani by Hora:

” The world that lives above us would have been left without that image to be able to transform something unique according to their own cultures and traditions. “

This phrase carries various connotations, if we look at the structure that Hora is creating with the help of the Lightning, we perceive that what we see in our territory like an animal of power, when reaching the top, as far as possible and penetrating the world of the stars becomes what my mental structure can conceive and I am not the same inhabiting different latitudes on the earth plane.

However, I am going to marvel in the same way no matter where I am when the crescent moon appears before me with bright Venus on one side and I am fully aware that another human far from me in another country or continent will be looking at the same thing.

Crescent moon and Venus

Now, as the Messenger says:

“Go away and analyze what you see clearly, there will be your answer”

For all of us, the cultures of the planet are different, not all of them understand each other, the diversity of beliefs makes us unique and in this way, we preserve our identity, but since ancient times when looking at the sky, we can identify the astral zoo as a legacy of humanity for future generations that will inhabit the Earth and to share with those who visit us in the future and who will undoubtedly they do not know that fabulous fabric in the celestial vault. Of course, it would be very poor to think that in other systems with one Sun or two at the centre, life does not exist, at least I refuse to accept it as an immovable truth.

Let’s go a little further with the phrase from Hora: “The world that lives up there” and now let’s reflect by adding that of the Messenger: “From above, analyze what you see.”

With these two phrases, it is true that everyone who moves away to look at the reality that we are from another perspective, will admire the Earth from a silent place, they will see it as the inhabitants of the International Space Station like a beautiful blue globe, without borders, with rivers and diverse nature, surrounded by a transparent layer of atmosphere.

With this reflection, I want to emphasize that anyone who sees the Earth from space will admire the unity and richness of a fortunate world located in a strategic place from which life made its way.

At the moment the International Space Station is one of the places where the celestial symphony is created, I do not mean anything angelic, I mean that heaven is the place where humanity is twinned, there it does not matter the mixture of genes of which you are formed, the race or the language you speak, you are a human working in unity with other beings who are committed to a high feeling that we call science, they are a group of instrumentalists who, following certain indications, achieve fascinating compositions.

That is why the human being of all times has felt a special admiration when looking at the stars and imagining that they are their reflection, that they can access them to look from above what they can see.

The future of humanity is attracted by the high heaven, for some cultures, it is the heaven of eternal rest, for others, it is the world where all those who fought for their ideals have to receive a lavish banquet, for the Lords of Light it is the place where they will meet those who already inhabit that space without limits and borders, as immaterial beings where they create strategies to enhance the spirit of men who in terrestrial life need to exalt their humanistic values, they are the defenders of that vital energy that transforms us in something more than flesh and blood beings with primary needs inhabiting the Earth.

Of course, we Asgardians are looking to the future in a habitat in Earth orbit as the possibility of extending the expectations of survival to the inhabitants of the Earth and with a different dynamic, learning to look at ourselves from above as what we are, just humanity, one whole peacefully sharing life, ideas, culture and traditions.

Every symphony orchestra requires coordination, will and discipline, but let us see each human being as part of the whole and at the same time as in charge of an instrument to share with humanity with a great harmony

Author´s notes:

Crescent Moon and Venus photo by the author

Photo by cottonbro on

Autor: Ariadne Gallardo Figueroa

Escribir es una de las actividades creativas más fascinantes que existe, indagar lo caminos de diferentes versiones, encontrar motivos para acrecentar el cauce de un relato y motivar a la lectura, es agradable para todo el que escribe


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