The power of interpretation

«The most lucid vision of the future will reach you and you will understand what each mystery is about, placed before your eyes»

The Messenger

By Ariadne Gallardo Figueroa

Hora meditated with his beloved about the allegory of the symbols that brought certain legends and myths closer to the people he had met through his travelled ensuring that his interpretations did not broaden the panorama of everyone, only of those who had grown up in a certain region or culture and their perspective placed them in a way of seeing things.

Suddenly he got up as was his custom and with a jump, he turned to look at Painani when he exclaimed:

-Imagine that we could extend the prism, expand the vision of the others, not everyone has chosen the reason to interpret their symbols, they usually do it with magical thinking or inclined to their beliefs and devotion to their deities.

He meditated a few moments and thoughtfully pointed out:

-There is a way of seeing that is logical, it is analytical, there are events that we can foresee and that not even praying to a deity can be modified even when the prayer is a pleasant subterfuge for the soul, that is undoubted; Of course, prayers and beliefs try to be a balm to change reality, but this is forceful, what it is, it is presented as it is. Everything we can intuit allows us to make profiles …

Taking a stick from the ground, he began to draw at random, it was nothing concrete, they were simple figures on the ground. 

Then he continues with his reflections:

But most of them are based on a method that he learned over time and which is called life cycles.

Painani was thinking about everything he said and asked: –

Do you think that what is a cycle for us is not for those who live in distant lands?

-Maybe there are differences, my beloved, but we don’t know, we can look for a more specific answer. Did you tell me that Dayami discovered some animals that the Castizos call horses on the other side of the wide sea, right?

Painani nodded and followed attentively to Hora’s comments, who enthusiastically pointed out:

-Imagine that both your trip and mine had been in one of those powerful animals, the cycles of time, our journey would have been different and our perception of the Time would also have been transformed, we would not have observed in the same way the life that surrounded us on the way, we would not have mixed with others in the way we did.

We would not have had the time to assimilate anything and our idea of ​​life would not have been mixed with that of others, it would have been difficult to change our perspective and our symbols would be the same, in another space, then …

Painani was terrified when hearing that and understood what Dayami had discovered, that those men on horseback did not come with the intention of understanding, but of imposing due to the lack of time to assimilate the life cycle of the others.

Then she firmly affirmed:

-Loved Hora, I understand what you are saying, reality has to be presented as it is for them …

Those loose lines drawn with a stick on the ground suddenly transformed into something different that they both observed with astonishment:

Hora raised arms and alerted Painani:

-We are before a clear vision of that reality that awaits us in a short time.

Painani threw herself into Hora’s arms when she warned:

It is precisely at that moment when the cycle will be equally covered for you, is it not?

The man, kiss her warmly the moment he smiled and happily whispered in her ear:

-Don’t live in fear,  you have been trained for the light, she is wise to understand that the cycles must complete stages, relax that what is rushing your life now, will take a back seat later, the light trains us for that, unless the weight of the present was more important to a human being, his step into the light will become painful. It’s not our case, now you understand, right?

Painani observed him with the gaze of someone who was illuminated by the wisdom of a being who knew perfectly what he was saying and they observed that figure where they recognized the power of the beast and reason, the illuminated duality of the human transforming the universe with a thrown arrow in the air.

Life gives us talents to understand the way, it depends on the path your understanding capacity has been shaped, each issue will be shaped by amazing creations to enlighten you or lose you.

Author´s notes:

Own drawings with a free filter of PicsArt

Por Ariadne Gallardo Figueroa

Escribir es una de las actividades creativas más fascinantes que existe, indagar lo caminos de diferentes versiones, encontrar motivos para acrecentar el cauce de un relato y motivar a la lectura, es agradable para todo el que escribe

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