The private reception

“What will be that subtle way of making yourself known and what will you do if you do not receive the expected reaction? The best of all this is that you will be among friends and the rest will be given in peaceful»

The Messenger

By Ariadne Gallardo Figueroa

Soon noon would arrive in beautiful Tenochtitlán, the men advanced to the foot of the steps of the Temple of the Moon, from the top of the temple Erandi observed with serenity, the entourage asked each one of them to remain with their eyes downwards, in respect demonstration, they warned them that it was not a request from the priestess, but a social rule that would be observed by all the people even by Huey Tlatoani, who would be very interested in keeping an eye on every detail, to discredit them.

Erandi, accompanied by the ceremonial crosier, descended the steps to finally meet the Lords of Light; He descended and with 8 steps to go to finish his descent, he stopped to express his welcome to the newcomers:

“May the light between each one of you be the bearer of new teachings, the voice that unifies the path that we have proposed to walk together ; may she, the light, with her power and energy tell us how and when to change course.

In all of you I perceive that learning is fulfilling an objective and for each of you it has been a difficult challenge to face, the pain and joy of life imposes difficult tests on us every day.

Without penetrating deep into the shadows it is impossible to emerge into the light to understand the process of all learning. ”

Having said this, she hits with the crosier each step that she descended, each step received a blow until completing the 8 that separated it from the firm ground where the Lords of Light.

They were asked by the entourage to stand 4 on one side and 4 on the other so that Erandi could pass between them, later at a safe distance, they followed her with their heads bowed.

Once in the private place, both the entourage and the guests engaged in a fascinating conversation without being disturbed by curious glances.

Huey Tlatoani observed in the distance with distrust how the entrance of the Ometeotl compound was guarded by the entourage, Erandi pointed out: 

-Let’s look at our faces from the front, respect for the light equals us all, you must have many questions, no I know if all of them can be addressed or understood. There is fatigue and thirst on their faces, I prefer it to be that way they express themselves, the need of the body shows the truths uniquely; Information will be our first food. 

Having said this, she extended her hands, giving the word to the enlightened ones; Evaristo was the first to speak:

-I cannot speak on behalf of all my colleagues, but I know that they have felt a deep joy for all the help that you have offered us and to understand that the bent rod has brought us to this place is fabulous.

Erandi looked at him with a smile and said: 

-Help is not given to those who ask for it, but to everyone who manages to be covered by wisdom, being a follower on this path guides us and everyone who seeks allies, synchronizes their intentions to find them. That is the reality, we are in this place because it needed to be that way and not otherwise.

Zila was encouraged to express his feelings with these words:

-Priestess, if they had told me that in my deepest feelings of anguish someone in the distance would have listened to them, it would have been very difficult for me to believe it, living it has marked me with that great certainty.

Erandi approached him and taking his hand she warned:

Zila, the road is long, you have to cover it with the colours and structures that are necessary for us. 

Patricio pronounced his words with energy when he was seen fixedly by Erandi’s gaze:

-Priestess of the Ometeotl Temple, I have been appointed a builder and you have said so we will share what we know and what you teach us with enthusiasm.

For his part, Jacobo with amazement pointed out:

-Dear Erandi, the time it has taken us to get to this place has not stopped being constant learning, life training that has now been shown to us, none of us have asked questions to you, we are all expectant before this new reality.

Erandi a nod of her head just smiled a sincere and friendly man that she look at the front, then she moved to see the face of Timothy:

– Erandi, have suffered, we have left the skin and memories in that surprising cave, we have recognized in Dayami an unparalleled strength and as Zila said, if they had told us that our life would be this way, none of us would have believed it.

Diego was the next in that circle they had formed, first, he looked silently at Erandi and finally pointed out:

-It’s something very strange, but I have to confess that I feel as if by sharing with Dayami all this time, she had somehow helped us to feel a special affection for you,  we saw what the transforming magic achieved in her, and everything that she transmitted to us.

Erandi acknowledged that it was very difficult to know if she would be able to advance in that tremendous crisis to which she was exposed, but her spirit and dedication to a purpose greater than her filled her with the strength to carry out her work.

Javier spoke up and his emotion was evident when he said:

-I still wonder what would have happened to us if we had chosen another course, had we died on that ship, but the universe pacts when it sets its gaze on the future, it could not understand it in another way.

Erandi only took him by the arm and with a warm look she nodded to say:

-Dear Javier, some paths must be travelled, some visionaries recognize them immediately and you have understood it.

Finally, Santiago, who closed the circle of the enlightened ones, pronounced these words:

-Priestess of the Temple of the Moon and Ometeotl, the meaning of different symbols was explained to us and I find that without them, our task will be complicated, I saw how she honoured our arrival pointing to the eight stairs, I understand that there is much to learn and as Iztli said, many other things we must unlearn; The only thing I can say to all this is that I am amazed and I know that each day will be a new and pleasant surprise in these lands.

Erandi nodded and asked them to sit down because the time had come to enjoy food and drink, the men looked at each other without knowing who would serve the food, with a certain look of complicity they sighed, hoping that they were the maidens whose faces they would be seen at last.

Life is a journey that not all of us live in the same way, sometimes we have the opportunity to understand that we have arrived at a place for the simple fact that something important will be revealed to us, then it is enough to wait for it to happen with a positive attitude. 

Author´s notes

Stock photography of the temple of the moon

Por Ariadne Gallardo Figueroa

Escribir es una de las actividades creativas más fascinantes que existe, indagar lo caminos de diferentes versiones, encontrar motivos para acrecentar el cauce de un relato y motivar a la lectura, es agradable para todo el que escribe

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