With Slow Fire

«All creative matters will be on your side, look at the Moon, which will be your deepest inspiration, only then will each of the gifts you possess be put at the service of your task in this life and those that must continue before the light. «

The Messenger

By Ariadne Gallardo Figueoa

Before Erandi’s gaze the other four women approached the group of Lords of Light who were waiting for food, their curious and restless glances were not hidden and they were flirtatiously observing them in the distance.

Patricio was going to give the disjointed note as expected for most of his companions, since he did not look directly at the maid who approached him and glanced at the others.

At that time Erandi was talking with the group learning some words in Spanish, however, she took time to point out what happened with these words:

-Patricio, do you think that in the constructions of an enclosure the materials in which will it be trusted or do you think that the options should be diverse?

The man was doubtful for a moment and with great assurance replied:

-Priestess Erandi, each material must necessarily be compared.

Erandi nodded, and the young woman set her bowl of atole beside Patricio and left with the group of other maids who had already offered food to the newcomers.

Of course no one else offered him their pots with atole or Tamalli …

Erandi, breaking the ice of the unfortunate moment, exclaimed:

-Let’s share the unity, recognizing the richness of who we are, both groups are here to learn from what we are; Customs, dialects, and traditions will make us strong, by sharing we are richer in wisdom.

The young maids approached while Erandi spoke with enthusiasm and the men gladly accepted the food offered, finally, Patricio smiled at the young woman, realizing his  lack of tact and asked her name:

Atl, that’s my name, it means Water, looking at her side she introduced him to Copitl, taking arm told Patrick her name in Nahuatl means Firefly and coming back to him whispered:

-Quem Motoka? which in Nahuatl means How is your name?

Patrick with a smile pointed out that was his name and he was not clear about the meaning. At that moment, Copitl advanced towards Jacobo who awkwardly pronounced the word “maitl” as he brushed his hand against hers.

Tzopelic was the third maiden to approach with an earthen vessel whose contents were tamalli and nacatl (meat) and she indicated to Timoteo that her name meant Sweet. He didn’t say anything, he just stared at her without saying a word, finally smiling with gratitude.

Diego finally observed that the young woman who came to him was carrying a plate made up of an Axolotl (axolotl), Cueyatl (frog) and in the middle a Michin (a good size roasted and juicy fish). Being amazed by those unknown and exotic dishes, he was honoured to realize that she recognized him as a fisherman and his ego was pleasantly comforted. Her name was Aztlán, which in the Nahuatl language means Place of the herons.

Erandi finally introduced them to her partner Quizari Taiyari, which means The One Who Knows Our Heart, and her little daughter, Yaocihuatl, which means The One Who Fights for Her Dreams, as we had already discussed in this book previously.

In this way, a different stage begins for two cultures that will have to face many setbacks, the closest being in the figure of Wuey Tlatoani, or Huey Tlatoani as he is sometimes called.

A man was reluctant to change with the smell of dried blood in his long hair that gave him proof of being the bearer of life to the everyday warrior and the one who saw everything, the deity Huitzilopochtli.

Wuey Tlatoani (The greatest priest, or lord) that night from his enclosure in the temple of the Sun, observed with a hard gaze the stripes of fresh blood on the blackened walls of the sacrificial stone, placing his hands on that surface red and black imagined that would continue for all eternity, refusing to believe in the changes.

How wrong was he! If only he had understood the goodness of the star that rules the days and that so much sacrifice was unnecessary, the great figure of the Sun, whether as the benefactor lady with the golden headdress or as the life-giver of other peoples, did not need blood.

Therefore in the heavens, the Sun coquettishly has been chased the Moon to play with it and enjoy the life he had achieved on the third rock of all the others that revolved around him. But in life Wuey Tlatoani would not understand it, such are the paradoxes of the journey.

Give time to what you prepare to let the slow fire get the process so that others understand that life is a breath where there is harmony despite being constantly faced with destruction.

Author´s notes:

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Por Ariadne Gallardo Figueroa

Escribir es una de las actividades creativas más fascinantes que existe, indagar lo caminos de diferentes versiones, encontrar motivos para acrecentar el cauce de un relato y motivar a la lectura, es agradable para todo el que escribe

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