Erandi´s commitment and her warnings

“Trusting in the reality that is presented to you is an attitude of trust, remember that not everyone deserves it; retrace your steps and observe again, you will take pleasant or dire surprises «

The Messenger

By Ariadne Gallardo Figueroa

Everyone was sharing with joy about that meeting, so Erandi took the opportunity to address the group in general and explain some of the situations that she did not support, but where the high hierarchs of the Aztec Empire had placed their trust to exercise power in the surroundings and within the bosom of the great city, strengthening the armies and inspiring fear among the peoples they subjugated.

She showed everyone that she possessed a lock of Wuey Tlatoani’s hair caked with the blood of some of the maidens who had to reach the sacrificial stone without her being able to do anything at all and others of them had done so under the full conviction of that it was the right thing to do, intoxicated under the influence of that widespread belief.

She, the Priestess of the Temple of the Moon and Ometeotl, skillfully used relationships with the people to add strategies and communication networks and thus strengthen everything that was not within her reach, bringing comments and enriching arguments for their cause, far from the covenants of all the power.

For this reason, she asked the Lords of Light to go to her at all times, or to the maidens who would now be their companions, to be advised on matters that were not comprehensible to them; She recommended that they go to the collections that she treasured in Amatl bark paintings and listen to sensible advice from the disciples that little by little they would come to know as they attended her rituals and study conversations.

Finally, she exclaimed:

“I know perfectly well that the light has endowed you with a privileged vision, but it can be clouded by the fierce reality to which you will be exposed, let´s keep the Sun illuminating your face to guide to all of you and be attentive to the teachings of the messengers and that they protect wisdom and ancient knowledge that all of you need to be guided.”

In the Temple of the Moon, you will find people who are always looking in front, even when on some occasions we see the Moon wrapped in veils, it is the best intuitive tool with the one we count on, never forget it.

At that precise moment, Zila had a kind of regression, (Deja Vu) someone at another time had said those same words in front of him, but he could not remember who it was and the only thing he managed to say was this:

-Priestess Erandi, could you clarify if the woman you had the opportunity to talk to was the lady dressed in white accompanied by a fox?

Erandi stared at him and answered categorically:

-No, she is not Zila, The Lady of the Flame in her earthly life was first a powerful sorceress, later she transmuted into her power animal, the fire-coloured fur fox.

When the deep night falls, and at this time of the year, we will be able in a few more hours, to observe her in a bright star that I will show to all of you with joy.

Its reflection on the earth is found in each bonfire that men and women of different times have lit to cultivate their minds and shine the hope of a different and more human world than the one we have and have had throughout time, that was what she explained to me.

Zila, astonished, looked at the faces of his companions and exclaimed:

-She was there among us and she has done it in many other parts of the planet!

Erandi stressed:

-I must remind you that she is not her, it is the symbol of a millennial clan that the first time it was created, it was due to the blood of a messenger animal, an old and wise raven that gave its power to seven women. and a man. A Clan of eight enlightened ones was named in that way, the Clan of the spell of the Bird.

The emotion of the men and women gathered there was such that some could not prevent their eyes from flooding with tears, moved by this impressive event.

Life will put forces in your path that will pull your understanding and with which, if you are capable, you will be able to weave the most amazing fabric of stories in a warp and weft that can never be broken.

Author’s Notes:

Photograph of the Flame Nebula, located in the belt of Orion, the brilliant Alnitak

Drawing by the author of the primal seal, the one that closes the circle and recalls the beginning with the First book: The Clan of the Spell of Bird.

Por Ariadne Gallardo Figueroa

Escribir es una de las actividades creativas más fascinantes que existe, indagar lo caminos de diferentes versiones, encontrar motivos para acrecentar el cauce de un relato y motivar a la lectura, es agradable para todo el que escribe

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