Beyond the representations, look for the essence

«The greatest discoveries belong to the creators, for them, it is easy to realize that there is an entity playing a role and another that in essence could not do it»

The Messenger

By Ariadne Gallardo Figueroa

Arrival at night in the twenties people who had gathered in Erandi’s compound came out to observe the high dark and starry sky when she invited them to look closely at those three stars that appeared together and pointed to the brightest ones, such as the enclosure of the Lady of Flame.

Javier, with a look of surprise, commented a little embarrassed:

-The announced Three Wise Men are nothing more than a representation of what culturally they have made us believe about that place! 

Each culture turns the universe into its magic and creation to consolidate its values ​​and traditions, Erandi expressed with great confidence and added:

“I have been surprised when I realized that the times I heard the voices of my deities, both Ometeotl and Coyolxauhqui, were the voices of what I wanted to hear or perhaps that random game of destiny that invites us to play a role in the history we live. «

Zila, who was somewhat disturbed by situations that were beyond the reach of his understanding, warned:

-Possibly all of us enlightened are, we carry that Flame inside and we are allowed to penetrate worlds that are not understandable to everyone.

Quizari Taiyari, who was carrying his little daughter, smiling said to him:

-Zila we are one with the universe and in that our Ometeotl deity is not so wrong, we are in human identity the thought that unifies us and allows us to recognize ourselves in others.

«To all this,» Zila questioned, «I still don’t understand who the lady dressed in white who was referred by Valvo was, he said that on several occasions but I didn’t know about his discoveries, I didn’t know more than everything he saw.»

Erandi with great emotion took Zila by the shoulder and in front of everyone admitted:

-Her name is Luna, I imagine that each town has to name her in their language and I must admit that the dismembered lady that my people recognize as the woman who returns to reborn from the dead and remembers the mortal wound of the warrior Hutzilopochtli every day and every night, in reality, she is who I have felt in essence, not as the representation of a tradition; If not the most fascinating vision of intuitive power, it could be the most creative solitude in the universe, and it is she who I recognize as Metzli, the Moon, by the way, Zila is the name of the maiden who chose Santiago.

Santiago tightly took the hand of the woman who was now walking next to him and even he was surprised to feel so comfortable in front of her and without fear and misgivings.

Diego, somewhat circumspect, analyzed:

«From what I see, none of them belonged to the Aura River. What made them get there?»

They all looked at each other with surprise and Jacobo assured:

-Possibly what made us migrate from the northern lands, the birthplace of a people of ferocious warriors who did not hold back in that area, advanced, mixed, destroyed, their hunger Conquest taught others that this was the way and we will soon know about them in these lands, they left evidence together with other races that possessing is more important than sharing and understanding the other.

Erandi pointed out in shock:

-Now we understand that we could face a cruel choice between dying or abandoning everything we have built and retiring with what matters most: our values, beliefs and that need to bring light and understanding to others.

The Lords of the light embraced their maidens apprehensively and Quizari Taiyari embraced Erandi and their daughter pointed out:

 -Whatever has to be done, the path that we have traced will be done, it will not see fruit early but now we understand what happens. in the environments that we cannot see and the reflection that it represents for us, where what is above nourishes us with wisdom here below on the ground that we tread.

There will be legends that you will follow as part of a belief until you realize that what you believe is not the same for others, but there is something that unifies everyone equally, discovering it for the enlightened ones, became their greatest power.

Author’s notes: 

Author’s photograph: The Flame before the force of Full moon

Por Ariadne Gallardo Figueroa

Escribir es una de las actividades creativas más fascinantes que existe, indagar lo caminos de diferentes versiones, encontrar motivos para acrecentar el cauce de un relato y motivar a la lectura, es agradable para todo el que escribe

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