Lights, shadows, nuances…

“What are we when we dream of ideals that are not easily achievable, those that unite us as a group but are not the same for other beings on the planet; where do we go with all of them when the world is uncertain?

El Mensajero

By Ariadne Gallardo Figueroa

The vows of the others were waiting to be heard by their companions and the joy was something wonderful among all those who chatted that night under the blanket of stars in the Aztec Empire.

Santiago got up and urged his partner to do it and looking at her face he exclaimed:

-All my life I have distrusted, I have been deceived by women who took advantage of my naivety when giving my love, now after what I experienced, I feel that a by your side I have managed to learn to recognize myself in your gaze and that makes me happy and blissful, may that be my vow towards you, dear Lady with the name of the Moon, dear Metztli.

She smiled with a blush that she could not explain since she had experienced moments of embarrassment when she felt that she could be rejected by the man who now vowed in front of her and understood the causes of her distrust, then clearing her throat she pointed out:

-I receive your vows. with joy when knowing your soul and your feelings, at this moment in which you look at me and life, seems to be renewed with each breath, moments that we will not understand and decisions that will be ungrateful await us, but the road together will be less dense, less foggy and more encouraging.

Patricio, animated and happy by Santiago’s words, got up leaning his body towards the lady who was now accompanying him, extending his hand and said:

-I am a man surprised by the gale of your person, I am not a great poet but I am a human being that has been chosen by a lady whose name means water, as a builder, I recognize that nothing happens without water, no branch is spread with leaves, no matter is transformed into something different without her help, may I also be the being that you have to mould with your love and skill, beloved Atl.

She looked at him captivated by the tone of his voice that was sweet and passionate when she said:

-May all roads be flooded with joy, everything when we do together, beloved Patricio.

Jacobo was the next to invite his companion to make vows in front of the whole group and serene when having her in front of him he pointed out:

-When the night is dense I will search among my dreams for the glow of fireflies in the same way that I have to find in your eyes the light I need to move forward; beloved Copitl, let nothing disturb what I will be to you and may we always find a way to understand what we need to know about each other.

Copitl with enormous nervousness was astonished at the words of her beloved and pointed out:

-You are a being of great talents who looks in nature at the voices of what we are, I have to perch in your valleys to make them shine and show us the way where life will lead us together on an unknown path.

Timoteo knew that he was the last to make the vows before all his companions, each one of them had elaborated an excellent dissertation and he did not want to be left behind:

-Loved and sweet lady that you have to accompany my days and in bitter moments you will know how to sweeten them, companion of my days, Tzopelic, I only ask to have the intelligence to know the best way to know you, to understand your silences and your sweet words, I hope that this life that is new for all of us, nourishes us with what is necessary to face what has to come with courage and intelligence.

Tzopelic smiled widely and exclaimed:

-Dear Timoteo, nothing in life is perfect, you will not find that life is so bitter as not to bear it, now we start a journey that needs patience, dedication and knowledge of you for me and of me for you. Let it be the vows that we have made remembered by the generations that we will not see, those that will follow in our footsteps and give sustenance to everything that begins today.

At that moment, Quizari Taiyari took the ceremonial crosier and struck the ground where they were 16 times at the same time that he said:

-In front of the Temple of the Moon, eight enlightened ones appeared, under the temple of stars they have become 16, whatever multiplied and valuable until the end of time

When the world is uncertain, when everything falls apart, is when we must remember that we are part of a whole, whose unity gives us an argument not to give up and walk to that place where we can accomplish what we have proposed.

Por Ariadne Gallardo Figueroa

Escribir es una de las actividades creativas más fascinantes que existe, indagar lo caminos de diferentes versiones, encontrar motivos para acrecentar el cauce de un relato y motivar a la lectura, es agradable para todo el que escribe

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